2012 presidential race

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Goes To A Presidential Debate, Hilarity Ensues

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It makes me happy beyond words that Conan sent Triumph the Insult Comic Dog to the last debate to smear poop all over the whole thing.

2012 presidential race

The Best Images And GIFs From The Obama Vs. Romney Debate, Round Three

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All the memes that came out of the third and final debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, including a collection of "horses and bayonets" images.

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What’s On Tonight: Obama Vs. Romney. Round 3. FIGHT.

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The best of what's on TV tonight, including round three of the Presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.


The Best Images And GIFs From The Obama Vs. Romney Debate, Round Two

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Obama daydreaming of Baby Wolverine in a GIF is more important than any boring FACT CHECK story you'll read today.


Last Week’s Presidential Debate Gets The Bad Lip Reading Treatment


At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, this may be Bad Lip Reading's finest work yet, the closest thing to a masterpiece they've put forth yet.


The Best Images And GIFs From Last Night’s Crap Show Of A Debate

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A collection of the funniest pictures to come out of last night's, um, debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, with special Jim Lehrer.


What’s On Tonight: 2012 Presidential Debates; Obama Vs. Romney TO THE PAIN

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The 2012 Presidential debates top-line tonight's television highlights.

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Hilarious ‘Vintage’ Romney/Ryan Campaign Poster And Buttons Available On eBay


Show your support for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's desire to take America back to the "good ole days" with this poster and these buttons!

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