hot tub time machine 2

Craig Robinson Gives Us An Exclusive Look At The Glamorous ‘Hot Tub Time Machine 2′ Press Tour

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Want to know what it's like to be a movie star out promoting a big movie? Craig Robinson is here to show you!


FilmDrunk Moratorium: Stop Saying ‘At Its Heart, It’s Really A Story About Family’

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Stop saying your movie is about family. Especially if it's actually about killing Nazis with tanks.


‘I,Frankenstein’ Actress Describes The Research She Did To Play A Sexy Monster’s Hot Girlfriend

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Yvonne Strahovski describes the research that went into playing a sexy Frankenstein's monster's hot girlfriend.


Loki’s Got Talent: Tom Hiddleston sings karaoke in the car

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Check out this video of Tom Hiddleston singing karaoke in the car on German TV. Because sometimes it's not about the notes, it's about the passion.


Mark Wahlberg loses his sh-t over actors comparing themselves to soldiers

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Mark Wahlberg loses it over actors comparing themselves to soldiers at the Lone Survivor premiere and goes on a five-minute tirade.


Reporter to Gravity director: “What’s it like filming in space?”

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The special effects Alfonso CuarĂ³n used to make Gravity look like it was really taking place in space (human puppetry and light boxes, for the record) were so effective that at a recent press conference in Mexico City, one brave hombre raised his hand to ask the question on everyone's cabeza - how was it filming in space.


Interview of the Day: Vin Diesel “doesn’t give a f*ck about Batman.”

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Today in "Vin Diesel, Unlikely Voice of Reason," our favorite gravel-throated pterodactyl choker was asked an asinine, irrelevant question about Batman during his asinine, irrelevant press tour for Riddick.

red 2

Bruce Willis is bored of action movies but not making money, reports Duh Magazine

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This is something you probably could've guessed from his magnificently awkward interview with Britain's most massive tool a few weeks back, but just to make sure we know exactly how he really feels, this week Bruce Willie told a Spanish magazine that 'splosions give him the boredoms.

the lone ranger

Armie Hammer & Johnny Depp blame the critics for Lone Ranger being terrible

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Considering Grown Ups 2 has grossed more than $137 million dollars to date, anyone who blames a box office failure on critics should win some sort of award for stupidity.

red 2

Bruce Willis really hates this interviewer for some reason

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In the age of AMAs and live threads and long-form podcast interviews, the movie press tour is such a contrived anachronism that I'm surprised testy interviews like this don't happen more often.


Hugh Grant got banned from the Daily Show for being an A-Hole

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Jon Stewart recently revealed during a live appearance with Stephen Colbert that Hugh Grant was his all-time, least-favorite Daily Show guest and was banned from the show after an appearance to promote Did You Hear about the Morgans.

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