Retta Gives Us A Preview Of The Return Of ‘Treat Yo Self’ To ‘Parks And Rec’


Retta teased the return of the annual TREAT YO SELF event for tomorrow night's second episode of 'Parks and Recreation.'


A Mob War Breaks Out In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘Catwoman’ #38


Catwoman touches off a mob war in this exclusive preview.


It’s Catwoman And Robin Against The Slave Trade In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘World’s Finest’ #30


Catwoman has an odd idea of what makes good mother/daughter bonding, in our exclusive preview of 'World's Finest #30.'

12 monkeys

Watch The First Nine Minutes Of The New ’12 Monkeys’ Series From Syfy

By | 5 Comments

Syfy has rolled out the first nine minutes of '12 Monkeys'... and it actually looks pretty good!

#DC Comics

Start The New Year With A Giant Sea Monster In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘Earth 2′ #30


Here's a sea monster fighting a giant eyeball to start your New Year off right.


Six Million People Face Abduction In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘Superman’ #37


Superman faces a great friend and greater foe in our exclusive preview.


The Squad Strikes In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘New Suicide Squad’ #5

By | 12 Comments

The Suicide Squad tries to pull together in our exclusive preview.

#DC Comics

It’s Archer Vs. Archer In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘Green Arrow’ #37


Ollie goes toe-to-toe with a Dark Archer in this exclusive preview.

#DC Comics

Killer Croc Spills Everything In This Exclusive Preview Of ‘Infinite Crisis’ Chapter 26


Killer Croc meets a chainsaw-wielding Wonder Woman in this exclusive preview.


Constantine Enters A Dark Alternate Reality In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘Constantine’ #19


Constantine finds Earth 2 the unhappiest place in the multiverse in this exclusive preview.

deleted scenes

Watch Channing Tatum Destroy A Crappy Improv Group In This Exclusive ’22 Jump Street’ Clip

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In this exclusive clip, '22 Jump Street' shows why you don't want Channing Tatum in your audience.

#DC Comics

It’s Swamp Thing Versus Robots In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘Swamp Thing’ #36


Swamp Thing kicks some shiny metal butt in this exclusive preview of 'Swamp Thing' #36.


Constantine Bares His Soul In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘Justice League Dark’ Annual #2


John Constantine is trapped in a bad house in our exclusive preview!

The Flash

Barry Fights Himself In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘The Flash’ #35

By | 4 Comments

Barry Allen fights his future in this exclusive preview of 'The Flash'!

green lantern new guardians

Kyle Rayner Discovers He’s A God In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘Green Lantern: New Guardians’ #35

By | 3 Comments

Kyle Rayner learns he's a god, and he has to fight some other gods, in this exclusive preview of 'Green Lantern: New Guardians' #35!

Comic Books

A ‘Green Arrow’ Exclusive, ‘Aliens Vs. Predator’ And Other Comics Of Note, October 8th

By | 9 Comments

'Aliens Vs. Predator' returns, plus an exclusive look at the next volume of 'Green Arrow', in our look at this week's notable comics.

#DC Comics

Harley And Joker’s Daughter Go Toe-To-Toe In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘New Suicide Squad’ #3

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Harley Quinn and the Joker's Daughter finally throw down in this exclusive preview.

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