Prince Fielder Helped Himself To A Fan’s Nachos Because A Guy’s Got To Eat

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After sprinting for a foul ball but falling short, Detroit Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder helped himself to a fan's nachos.


And Now, Tim McCarver Reciting Metallica While Prince Fielder Legs Out A Triple


Because sometimes life lobs you the wonderfully absurd, here's Prince Fielder hitting a triple in last night's MLB All-Star Game, and Tim McCarver reciting however much he knows of Metallica's 'Enter Sandman' while it happens.

Burn Rubber

Eminem, Prince Fielder And The $10K Jordans In Episode One Of “Detroit Rubber”

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Just because you have the dough and want a pair of extra-rare sneakers doesn't make it any easier to obtain said shoes.


MLB Style Guide: Everything You Should Care About From The 2012 Home Run Derby

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The 2012 MLB Home Run Derby took place last night in Kansas City's Kauffman Stadium (the one with the fountains), and if you were like most people you had a passing interest, got bored, then spent a little time on Twitter trying to make Chris Berman's incessant "BECK BECK BECK BECK BECK" thing funny.


FanDuel $500 Fantasy Baseball Is Coming At You Faster Than A Prince Fielder Triple


<a href=""> It's here! Tonight's <a href="" target="_blank"></a> fantasy baseball game with With Leather is giving you a chance to turn a $2 entry fee into a Prince Fielder-sized chunk of a $500 prize pool.

bow wow

1.31 The Cooler

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Cece The Carolina Panthers New Logo Looks Nearly Identical To The Old Logo <a href="">[The Big Lead]</a> Bow Wow Owes IRS More Than $100K <a href="">[News One]</a> It's A Buyer's Market: Crate-Digging On $100 A Day <a href="">[NPR]</a> Here’s Lil Wayne’s Super Bowl Prediction <a href="" target="blank">[Brobible]</a> Living Like Prince Fielder: How To Survive On A Measly $214 Million <a href="|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s">[Detroit Free Press]</a> What Was Leaking Down Christina Aguilera’s Leg During Etta James’s Funeral.


Prince Fielder Signs $214M, 9 Year Contract With Detroit Tigers

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In news sure to keep opposing AL Central pitchers up at night, the Detroit Tigers have agreed in principal to sign slugging first baseman <a href="">Prince Fielder</a> to a nine-year deal, reportedly <a href="" target="_blank">north of $200 million</a>.


Blogging Advice: Logan Morrison’s Twitter Is Not A Source

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Logan Morrison's Twitter bio reads To know me is to Tweet with me.


The 82nd MLB All-Star Game In Pictures

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The 82nd Major League Baseball All-Star Game took place at Chase Field in Phoenix last night, and it appears that the American League's era of dominance has come to an end.



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This is almost old news now, but there was that thing the other night where the Brewers threw at one of the Dodgers and then one of the Dodgers threw back at the Brewers' Prince Fielder.



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MLB <a href="'-Fielder-wins-Home-Run-Derby">had their Home Run Derby</a> last night, and unless you were one of the Boys and Girls Clubs getting a piece of that giant check on display at the end, it was absolutely pointless.



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As noted in <a href="../post.phtml?pk=6556">this morning's recap</a>, Brewers slugger Prince Fielder got all shove-y with teammate Manny Parra, who weighs somewhat less than Fielder's two metric tons.

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