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Those Nude Photos You Take With Your Phone? The NSA Has Been Passing Them Around The Office For Years.

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According to Edward Snowden, the NSA has a lot of amateur photography, if you know what we mean.


NBC Avoided The Real Issue In Their Edward Snowden Interview

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Edward Snowden's NBC interview is mostly just a distraction from the issues he blew the whistle on.


The NSA Is Allegedly Putting Malware On Mail Order Laptops


The NSA's black bag team will go so far as to screw with your mail-order laptop, according to new accusations.


The NSA’s PRISM Program Has Been Deemed Unconstitutional. But Will Anything Change?

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The NSA's PRISM program has been ruled unconstitutional. But if you want privacy, there's a lot more work to be done.

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What Nobody Is Admitting About The NSA ‘World of Warcraft’ Scandal

By | 12 Comments

The NSA was apparently spying of 'World of Warcraft' users. But reading the memo, a very different motive emerges.


Did The NSA Spy On Pope Francis?

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Pope Francis seems like a nice guy, so why is the NSA spying on him? Well, they might not be... not directly, anyway.


The NSA’s Spying Takes So Much Energy That Its Fancy New Data Center Is Melting Down


The NSA has a fancy new facility in Utah, that cost billions. And it's so poorly designed, it keeps exploding.

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SHOCKER: NSA Analysts Used Their Access To Stalk Their Lovers

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The NSA's analysts have been abusing their power. No points for guessing what they abused it to do.


Google Plans To Encrypt Your Files To Stick It To The Feds

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Google Drive may soon be encrypting your files automatically, in a bid by Google to tell PRISM to stuff it.


The NSA Is Looking For Terrorist Activity On The Internet In All The Wrong Places

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So the NSA is monitoring our social media services to find terrorists. One problem: Terrorists are smart enough not to use Facebook.


Tech Companies Reveal How Often Law Enforcement Agencies Have Requested User Info From Them

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Several major tech companies have coughed up data about how many accounts are being looked at, and the results are interesting, to say the least.


Yahoo! Went To The Mat To Fight The NSA And PRISM…And Lost

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As it turns out, the staunchest defender of your civil rights in regards to the NSA's PRISM wiretapping was, of all companies, Yahoo!. Yes, Yahoo!.


Lawyer For Alleged Armored Car Robber Demands NSA Hand Over Phone Records That Would Exonerate His Client

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Federal prosecutors claim they can't find Terrance Brown's phone records. Too bad PRISM leaked, huh? Your move, NSA!


PRISM: Why You Should Care, Even If You Have ‘Nothing To Hide’

By | 15 Comments

PRISM is a lot more than a threat to your privacy, but on that level, yeah, you should be worried about that, too.


PRISM: Why We Have No One But Ourselves To Blame And How To Avoid It

By | 13 Comments

PRISM is the government directly spying on you... and you agreed to all of it, whether you knew it or not. The good news is there's a way out.


The NSA Is All Up In Your Google, Apple, Skype, Facebook And More

By | 7 Comments

The Guardian revealed a project that allows the NSA access to the servers of Apple, Facebook, Google and more.


Special Effect Wunderkinds Corridor Digital Go Sci-Fi in Prism

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Almost every person who has played a video game has echoed the words, "How awesome would it be if we could play this game.

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