California Officials Debating Whether Or Not Inmates Can Read Werewolf Erotica. Seriously.

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The California Court of Appeals determined that an inmate's copy of 'The Silver Crown', which features werewolf erotica, does not qualify as overly obscene.


Wesley Snipes is out of prison!

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Wesley Snipes was convicted of tax evasion in 2008, and sentenced to three years after losing his appeal in 2010.


Nick Diaz Probably Retired So He Could Go To Prison

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On Saturday night, Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz, for the lack of a much better term, gave us a very disappointing finale to their courtship of craziness over the past several months.


Google Images Of Baseball Diamonds In U.S. Prisons Are Depressing

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I’m not one to typically make outrageous statements, but I would never like to go to prison.


South Florida Girl Pulls A Lindsay Lohan, Gets 30 Days In Jail For Giving A Judge The Finger

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Back in 2010, during one of her court appearances that I’ve since lost count of, Lindsay Lohan caused a media stir when it was reported that she gave the judge the finger in an incredibly subtle manner.


Cat Caught Sneaking Saw, Cell Phone Into Brazil Prison

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Prison guards in Brazil say they foiled a jailbreak plot with a black and white cat.


15 Musicians Who Were Sent To Jail At The Peak Of Their Careers

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As we mentioned last week, woefully miseducated singer Lauryn Hill may spend up to three years in prison after pleading guilty to tax evasion charges.


So Long, Jerry Sandusky

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Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was convicted Saturday on 45 of 48 counts of sexual abuse, misconduct, and a variety of other terrible, despicable, and truly heinous charges, which means that, barring an appeal miracle, the 68-year old will rot in jail until the day that he dies.

well he's got all kinds of time

Prisoner Builds Final Fantasy Swords Out of Matchsticks

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What you're seeing above is the elaborate work of an anonymous prisoner serving time in a British prison, and apparently he really, really misses "Final Fantasy".


Austin Powers’ convicted gun rapist killed his cell mate (*allegedly*)

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You may have already seen this story on Huffington Post or TMZ because they reported it before any facts were in, but it actually originated from a tip to mixmartialarts.com's underground forum.


Internet & TV Huckster Don Lapre Commits Suicide After Being Stripped Of His Antidepresants

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I know I shouldn't feel sorry for this as$hole, but I can't help myself -- the whole thing is just sad.


Putting Jalen Rose In Jail

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I wanted to give this update a more clever title, but the next 250 stories you read about Jalen Rose serving 20 days in jail for his drunk driving arrest are going to be called JAILIN' ROSE, and I mean come on, how much better can you get than that.


Nails Asking Forgiveness For Being Hammered

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Who knew that a guy who committed bankruptcy fraud, got arrested for 23 drug-related felonies and spent 12 years playing pro baseball with a fist-sized sh*t-clod in his mouth would have so many problems.

#Viral Videos

The Entire History Of Internet Viral Videos Summarized In One Epic Video


In the event you, or someone you know, has been in prison for the past few years and is wondering, "What's this Internet thing I've been hearing about.


This Week In Non-Shocking Florida News

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As Uproxx’s Senior Florida Analyst and Resident, I have to deal with the “People from Florida are stupid” comments on a pretty regular basis.


A Guide To Surviving School This Year, With Tips By A Former Inmate

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A former inmate gives helpful tips on how to survive the unimaginable hell that is high school.


Lil Wayne, The O.G. Hot Boy

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Is somebody afraid to go to the bing.


The Man Right Chea!

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11.19 The Cooler

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Natasha Quallo x Her Culo Grande Stephen King Returns To Dark Tower [Gamma Squad] 'Women's Viagra' May Be Coming [Asylum] The Dexter Makeover Guide: All Blood Everything [Street Level] New Orleans Gets Wired: David Simon Turns His Sights on the Big Easy [Paste] Door To [...].


“The Beginning Of The End…”

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It's finally officially official.

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