Netflix Is Testing A Private Viewing Mode That Will Hide Your Binge-Watching Habits

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Do you ever want to hide what you watch on Netflix? Well, Netflix is making that happen.

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Those Nude Photos You Take With Your Phone? The NSA Has Been Passing Them Around The Office For Years.

By | 23 Comments

According to Edward Snowden, the NSA has a lot of amateur photography, if you know what we mean.


While You’re Worrying About The NSA Invading Your Privacy, Google Is Becoming Skynet From ‘Terminator’

By | 28 Comments

Could Google become a real life version of Skynet? Here are eight products that prove the search giant is already there.

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The City Of Chicago Is Out To Make ‘Watch Dogs’ A Reality

By | 3 Comments

'Watch Dogs' is a fantasy. Except for that whole "entirely networked city" part. Chicago's starting that this year!


Facebook Is In Trouble For Yet Another Creepy Privacy Violation

By | 14 Comments

Facebook is getting all creepy on your privacy. Again.


NBC Avoided The Real Issue In Their Edward Snowden Interview

By | 11 Comments

Edward Snowden's NBC interview is mostly just a distraction from the issues he blew the whistle on.


Facebook Concedes A Tiny Wedge Of Privacy To Its Users


Facebook admits that maybe its users want some privacy. Just a little. Not too much.


The NSA Can Hack Computers That Aren’t Even Online

By | 8 Comments

The NSA is so good at hacking, your computer doesn't even need to be connected to the Internet for them to hack it.


The NSA Is Allegedly Putting Malware On Mail Order Laptops


The NSA's black bag team will go so far as to screw with your mail-order laptop, according to new accusations.


And Now For Some Holiday Cheer From Edward Snowden

By | 15 Comments

Did everyone have a great Christmas? Well, here's a video Edward Snowden released on Christmas day to bring you back down to reality.


Facebook’s Data Collectors Know Far More About You Than You Think


Data brokers are far deeper into your life than you thought, according to a new government report.


The NSA’s PRISM Program Has Been Deemed Unconstitutional. But Will Anything Change?

By | 4 Comments

The NSA's PRISM program has been ruled unconstitutional. But if you want privacy, there's a lot more work to be done.


Facebook Will Help Companies Eavesdrop On The Conversations You Have With Friends On Facebook

By | 7 Comments

Facebook First Rule: Privacy is key. Facebook's Second Rule: By "privacy", we mean money. Want this dude's medical records?

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What Nobody Is Admitting About The NSA ‘World of Warcraft’ Scandal

By | 12 Comments

The NSA was apparently spying of 'World of Warcraft' users. But reading the memo, a very different motive emerges.


The FBI Can Watch You Through Your Laptop’s Webcam

By | 16 Comments

Got a webcam? The FBI can spy on you. Yes, they've probably seen you do "that." And probably "that" as well.


Did The NSA Spy On Pope Francis?

By | 4 Comments

Pope Francis seems like a nice guy, so why is the NSA spying on him? Well, they might not be... not directly, anyway.

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Lightbeam Lets You See Who's Looking At Your Internet History

By | 4 Comments

Lightbeam is a tool that tells you exactly how private the web is.


So The Tweeting Bra Is A Thing That Exists

By | 2 Comments

Oh, great, a tweeting bra, just what society needs.


Apple Can Read Your iMessages, Despite Claiming Not To

By | 4 Comments

iMessage, it turns out, isn't as secure as Apple claims.

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