The Teenager That Speaks 20 Languages


Prodigy hyper-polyglot Tim Doner has been teaching himself languages since he was 13.


Conan O'Brien Lost A Game Of One-On-One To An 11-Year Old

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If you haven't heard of him already, this is Julian Newman.


Golf Baby? Golf Baby.

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Meet PEANUT (note: not his real name), the baby is is so good at golf he got a video uploaded about him called GOLF BABY.


Meet The Albanian Bear, A 13-Year Old With 22 Championship Belts

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We write about a lot of stupid kids at With Leather -- the little girl who <a href="" target="_blank">held fish over a dolphin tank and stopped paying attention</a>, kids who <a href="" target="_blank">let soccer players wipe boogers on their faces</a>, kids who <a href="" target="_blank">don't keep their head up at hockey camp</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">whimpery little baseball kids who cry to get what they want</a> among them -- so it's nice to occasionally take a step back and remember that there are kids in the world who have it together, and could straight-up kickbox you to death.


Kelvin Doe, AKA DJ Focus, Is Pretty Much A Teenage Tony Stark

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African teen Kelvin Doe has done more at fifteen than most people have done in lifetimes. And he did it by rebuilding busted crap.


Brilliant Chopin Performance by Nine-Year-Old Piano Prodigy


Phenomenally talented nine-year-old piano prodigy Gavin George gives a sublime performance of Frédéric Chopin's Fantaisie-Impromptu in C-sharp minor, Op.


Somebody Get This 4 Year-Old A Record Deal Stat

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Obviously, I have no idea what this kid's home life story is, but he is obviously blessed with some rare gifts.

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