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Check Out This Guy Dropping A Slew Of F-Bombs As A Tornado Rips Through His Los Angeles Neighborhood

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If you witnessed an apocalyptic storm tearing through beautiful, sunny California, you'd be cursing in disbelief, too.


Just How Many Times Do They Say ‘F***’ In ‘Grand Theft Auto V’?

By | 2 Comments

'Grand Theft Auto V' breaks boundaries. Usually while muttering a handful of profanities.


Marilyn Manson Walked Through Airport With ‘F*ck You’ Written On His Face To Avoid Paparazzi

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Goth-rocker Marilyn Manson wrote a profanity on his face while walking through LAX to avoid the paparazzi taking photos of him.

the scunthorpe problem

Nintendo Hates Ashton Kutcher. Or Just the Name ‘Ashton.’


We feel bad for the guy in this video, who just wants to enter his name into his 3DS and play with his friends.

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