kong: skull island

Hey Everyone, Guess Where The Next King Kong Movie Takes Place

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It's totally not where you'd expect and it's totally exciting.


Ben Affleck in talks fa ranuthah Dennis Lehane adaptation

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There are few things in life I enjoy so much as Ben Affleck's pop-directorial style paired with Dennis Lehane's über bleak, Boston-set molestation revenge stories.


The 75 Coolest Looking Prohibition-Era Movie Characters


It’s nearly impossible to not look cool in ’20s and early-’30s party garb, as this supercut demonstrates.

Real Estate

The Al Capone Estate


Sixty-five years after the mobster's death, Al Capone's Miami Beach estate is for sale.


And You Thought Four Loko Was Bad?

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BrewDog’s Sink the Bismarck is an India Pale Ale that just went on sale in England, and before you go big whooping me, it is the strongest beer on the face of this planet.

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