Strap On Your Togas And Get Crazy With This Party Movie Supercut

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From 'PCU' to 'Project X,' this movie party scene supercut makes us feel like we're at Hollywood's biggest raging kegger.


Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: Vince Gains A Modicum Of Legitimacy

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Obviously, the big news in DVD land this week is the release of The FP.

Warner Bros.

Paranormal Whacktivity: Project X Is Getting A Sequel

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Michael Bacall is about to be the hottest name in Hollywood's comedy writing circle, as the co-writer behind Project X and 21 Jump Street has already been locked in for the upcoming Tropic Thunder spinoff about Tom Cruise’s Les Grossman.

#LeBron James

3.6 The Cooler

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Jelena Jensen New Aaliyah Album On The Way, Says Producer [That Grape Juice] Julie Bowen Makes Jeremy Lin Greater [With Leather] "Project X" Kid Was In A Bang Bus Movie [Film Drunk] Doctors Of The Night: Will Med Students With Debts Consider Prostitution.


Project X kid was in a Bang Bus movie

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I'll admit that this is way less fun than finding out an actress used to do porn, but as grandma used to say, porn is porn.


The Lorax brainwashes $70 million worth of Occu-Toddlers for new record

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The Lorax, which the Reverend Lou Dobbs teaches us is part of a plot by Obama's friends in the liberal media to demonize the 1%, sneakily earned a lot of money for the 1% over the weekend, grossing an estimated $70.


Weekend Movie Guide: Oh Cool, A Found Footage Movie

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Opening All Over Your Sister’s Dress: Project X, The Lorax, Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, Being Flynn, Let the Bullets Fly [We Need to Talk about Kevin, in San Francisco at least] FilmDrunk Suggests: Vince sort of liked Project X – in case you’re the one person on this planet who didn’t read his review – but since he hates my photoshops, I’m going to suggest Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie.


Review: Project X is morally indefensible, kind of fun

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Corporate-Financed Party Porn The knives will be out for Project X and it's easy to see why.


Todd Phillips’ Project X trades sign-language chimps for teen boobs

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You might remember that early last year, I told you about a film Todd Phillips was making before Hangover 2, a smaller-budgeted ($12 million) "hard-R" raunchy comedy starring a cast of unknowns (all first-timers) directed by commercial director Nima Nourizadeh (with Phillips "closely overseeing").


More details on Todd Phillips’ pre-Hangover 2 ‘secret comedy’

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Rumors about Todd Phillips' untitled, small-budget party film that he plans to shoot before Hangover 2 have been swirling like the waft of Brett Ratner's nacho farts all week.

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