A 17-Year Old Leslie Knope Wannabe Asked Joe Biden To Prom And He Sent Her A Sweet Gift

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Joe Biden was too busy to make a Connecticut girl's prom dream come true, but he still sent her something that made her invite worthwhile.


A Teen Girl Was Booted From Her Prom Because Some Perv Dads Were Ogling Her

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A 17-year-old girl was escorted from her prom because the dads in attendance were having "impure" thoughts.

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Here’s Further Evidence That Jon Hamm Went To Prom With Nina Myers From ’24’

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So, remember that story from yesterday about Jon Hamm and Paul Rudd playing Trivial Pursuit over a girl in high school?


Check Out Angelina Jolie’s Gloriously Awkward Prom Photo

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Angelina Jolie's prom photo, demonstrates that almost none of us are immune to the awkward prom photo.


A Pennsylvania Teen Has Been Suspended For Asking Miss America To The Prom

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If you're planning on disrupting an assembly featuring Miss America so you can ask her to prom, think again.


Just In Time For Prom Season, KFC Is Selling Fried Chicken Corsages

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Because teenage girls love getting chicken grease all over their prom dress?

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Bryan Cranston Helped An Eager High Schooler Ask A Girl To The Prom

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Your best bet at scoring a prom date: ask Bryan Cranston to help you.

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Guess What Happened To These Kids Who Took Prom Photos While Crowded Onto A Small Bridge?

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These high school students in Piece, Nebraska made the mistake of gathering on a bridge on the property of their classmate to take some photos before prom.


The Guy Who Asked Kate Upton To The Prom Is Going With Model Nina Agdal Instead

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We now live in a world where Nina Agdal is some high school student's prom date sloppy second to Kate Upton.

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Late Night Hashtags: #AwkwardPromStory


Jimmy Fallon started the #AwkwardPromStory hashtag on Twitter (as part of his Late Night Hashtags segment) and it was a trending topic within 20 minutes.


Using Childbirth to Ask a Girl to Prom


If you don't work childbirth into the scene when you ask a girl to prom, you aren't even trying.


Kate Upton Finally Broke That High School Kid’s Heart

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Los Angeles high school senior Jake Davidson achieved Internet fame last week when he posted a very creative video prom invitation addressed to two-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model Kate Upton.


Update Of Pure Jealous Rage: Kate Upton Responded To That Kid’s Prom Invite

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Yesterday, we pondered aloud whether or not Los Angeles high school student Jake Davidson deserved to be taken seriously with his creative prom invitation to our beloved Kate Upton, and it appears that we came through for Jake, because she has responded to him.


This Kid Wants To Go To Prom With Gabby Douglas, Needs To Chill Out A Little

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Lost in the shuffle of producing what is already being called the greatest list of 2012 sports moments that will ever be written, according to this guy and these guys, was the phenomenal, inspirational tale of Gabby Douglas, who actually almost quit her dream of being an Olympic gymnast, because she couldn’t stand being away from her family.


The Incredible Tale Of Mike Stone, The Kid Who Used Twitter To Ask Porn Stars To Prom

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You wouldn’t know Mike Stone if he came up to you on the street and socked you in the nuts with a pillow case full of lemons.


Woody Harrelson crashes proms and deflowers virgins, according to awesome story

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After suffering the dishonor of being called one of the worst movies of the year by Quentin Tarantino, the folks behind Rampart thought they had the perfect promotional strategy to turn things around, a Reddit AMA ("ask me anything") with Rampart star Woody Harrelson.


Pro Wrestling Prom is Still Happening

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A few days ago I reported about a professional wrestling prom that is going down this weekend in Austin, and how proud I am to be going to the Men's Wearhouse to buy a suit jacket that will probably end up caked in blood.


Pro Wrestling Prom is Happening

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I've seen a lot of things happen in a pro wrestling ring -- blood, thumbtacks, marriages, death, a circus net made out of barbed wire -- but I've never seen a prom.

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