A Drone Captured The Mayhem Going On In The Ukraine. The Result Is This Insane Video.


A drone managed to capture all of the hellish protesting in Kiev, Ukraine. Brutal.


‘House Of Cards’ Is Huge In China! For A Pretty Terrible Reason! Probably!

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"House of Cards" basically confirms everything Chinese propaganda says about U.S. politics. So ... there's that.


CBS Basically Allowed ’60 Minutes’ To Act As The NSA’s Propaganda Department Last Night

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If you tuned in to 60 Minutes last night, you're forgiven for confusing what traditionally has been television's most vital newsmagazine program for something that looked an awful lot like state-run television propaganda.


The Mushroom Kingdom Needs You In These Super Mario Propaganda Posters

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These WWII-style Mario propaganda posters envision a world where Bowser has to drum up support for his endless war against Mario, the red menace.


‘Ender’s Game’ Deploys Some New Propaganda Posters

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The movie of 'Ender's Game' finally arrives this November, and the hype for it is starting to pick up.


End The Year On Joseph DeMarco’s Star Wars Pin-up 2012 Calendar


Joseph DeMarco is a professional photographer and a fan of both Star Wars and WWII recruitment/propaganda poster art.


Pulgasari, Kim Jong-Il’s monster movie

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When he wasn't busy scoring 3-4 holes in one every time he played golf or coaching North Korea's soccer team via invisible cell phone, Kim Jong-Il was an avid movie fan, whose favorite films were said to be Rambo and Godzilla.


Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: 7 Wartime Posters

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Old timey wartime posters were all about one thing: hilarious racism.



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ABOVE: Star Wars propaganda by Cliff Chiang.

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