#Boardwalk Empire

You Can Now Buy Richard Harrow’s Mask From ‘Boardwalk Empire’


Want to look like Richard Harrow for Halloween? Now's your chance.

#Star Wars

A Dedicated ‘Star Wars’ Fan Built This Millennium Falcon Entirely Out Of Cardboard

By | 4 Comments

This Millennium Falcon may look like a professional prop, but it's actually built entirely from cardboard.


Elijah Wood Kept ‘Bear’ And The Gatorade Bong From The Set Of ‘Wilfred’

By | 8 Comments

With the series set to end in two weeks, Elijah Wood admitted that he helped himself to two souvenirs from the set of 'Wilfred.'


This ‘Jurassic World’ Prop Brochure Leaks A Whole Bunch Of Tantalizing Details About The New Movie

By | 5 Comments

'Jurassic World' will feature all sorts of extinct species, apparently, including late-night hosts.


Blade’s Glaives Are Reforged To Take Vengeance On Produce

By | 2 Comments

Blade doesn't get enough credit as a movie that broke the Marvel curse.


The Actual Velociraptor Cage From ‘Jurassic Park’ Can Be Yours For Only $100,000

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A piece of movie history can be yours, for the price of 25,000 Barbasol cans.

#Iron Man

Robert Downey owns a 6-foot flying Iron Man (with video)

By | 13 Comments

Just in case earning $50 million for The Avengers wasn't reward enough, Robert Downey Jr.


Got $995? You can own John Candy’s bookshelf from Delirious.

By | 11 Comments

John Candy was taken from us far too early, in 1994, and while we'll never know to what great heights his talent would've eventually carried him, we can buy a small piece of his legacy in the form of this butt ugly bookshelf on craigslist in Santa Monica.


Here’s A Replica Of Thor’s Hammer That Fires 80,000 Volts


This is a prop version of Thor's hammer; it won't hurt when it hits you, but touch the top and you might be in for a shock.

#game of thrones

Forging 'Game of Thrones' Swords


Hollywood blacksmith/propmaster Tony Swatton shows how to build Jaime Lannister's sword from "Game of Thrones" from scratch.

#Star Trek

Ten Pointless, Expensive On-Screen Props I Need to Own

By | 22 Comments

Earlier this week, we published a post about how someone was selling a piece of the Aggro Crag from Nickelodeon’s “GUTS” on eBay.


Nicholas Robatto’s Steampunk Rayguns

By | 2 Comments

Nicholas Robatto builds several props, including these rayguns for sale in his Etsy store.


Portal 2’s Atlas Actually Being Built?


OK, OK, so it's not a fully functional robot with an Aperture Science Portal Device.


8 Rad Modified Motorcycle Helmets

By | 3 Comments

Youtuber Tigerpause444 likes to modify motorcycle helmets into geek icons -- some of them with voice changers, sound effects, LEDs, etc.


Now You’re Thinking With Portal Guns!


Sadly, this device from Aperture Science does everything except actually create portals.


Shenanigans Declared on Steampunk Iron Man Costume

By | 3 Comments

If obsessive cosplayers can't be relied on to be amateurs making ridiculously-detailed costumes alone in their garage, then I just don't know what to believe anymore.


Tron Lightcycles Are Now Real, And on eBay


One thing that was always awesome about "Tron" were the vehicles.

trent reznor

Links With The 25 Million Dollar Cat


PICTURES: A newspaper that really gets around [via THD] and Trent Reznor being Trent Reznor [via EpicPonyz].

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