Prosthetic limbs

The US Military Is Officially Developing Prosthetic Limbs With A Sense Of Touch


DARPA is going full sci-fi and working on replacement limbs with full sensory feedback.


Meet Easton LaChappelle, The 19-Year-Old Luminary Building A Cheaper, Better Prosthetic Limb

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Easton LaChappelle is just 19 years old, and he's already changing the world, as we see in the premiere episode of 'Luminaries.'


Watch A Man Control Two Prosthetic Arms With Just His Thoughts

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Prosthetic limbs get very, very smart at Johns Hopkins


Look At How Happy This Dog Is With His Fancy New 3D-Printed Legs

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Would you like to see an adorable disabled dog immediately start running when fitted with some well-designed prosthetic paws?


Non-Profit Makes Three-Year-Old A Radical Prosthetic Iron Man Hand For Free

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Thanks to 3D printers Bubba has a new prosthetic hand, and of course he asked for an Iron Man hand.


A Charity Makes Children Superheroes With Prosthetic Wolverine Claws

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One charity is helping disabled kids both have a better life and show others they're the best they are at what they do.


DEKA Arm, The Mind-Reading Prosthetic Limb, Is Approved For American Consumption

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The DEKA Arm can officially be sold in the US, and that means a lot of people are about to have a better quality of life.


Stop Everything You're Doing And Build Yourself A Squishy Robot Slug Instead


3D printing is making your dreams a reality. If your dreams involve robot sea slugs.


If You Are Not Willing To Remove Your Leg For A Free T-Shirt, This Guy’s Getting The Shirt


A fan at a Dallas Mavericks game used his prosthetic leg as free t-shirt bait, because there's no greater upside to prosthetic limb-having.


Meet Patience Beard, The Cutest Amputee Cheerleader With A Zebra Leg In College Football History

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Arkansas Razorbacks cheerleader Patience Beard happens to be an amputee with a zebra-print prosthetic leg, and she's awesome.


The Bionic Dog With Four Prosthetic Legs Returns To Hit Us In All The Feels

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Naki'o is the first dog to ever be fitted with four prosthetic legs. Now Reuters has an update to the story of Naki'o the bionic dog. Right in the feels.


The Terminator-Style Robot Hand Is Back

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A person who has benefited from the Terminator-style robot hand (Bebionic3 prosthetic hand) demonstrates just how awesome it is.


Chinese Farmer With No Hands Built His Own Bionic Replacements

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Sun Jifa, a 51-year-old farmer in China, lost both hands in an explosion and has spent the last eight years building new bionic hands.


Girl Scouts Build Toddler a Hand?


A troop of Girl Scouts called the Flying Monkeys did something that proves once again that adults suck, and built a little girl with no fingers a prosthetic hand for free.


Nightmare Fuel of the Day: Prosthetic Tentacle Arms


Cthulhu fhtagn Kaylene Kau, an industrial designer from Seattle, Washington, created the prosthetic arm seen above.


Cyborg Dies in Car Wreck


Boy, there's a headline we're going to have to get used to writing.

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