Report: Warren Sapp Paid Two Hookers $600 For Oral Sex And Filmed It

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On February 2, the day after the Super Bowl, NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp was arrested for solicitation and assault of two prostitutes in a Phoenix hotel room.

Valerie Fairman

One Of The Stars Of MTV’s ’16 And Pregnant’ Was Arrested For Alleged Prostitution

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Season 2's Valerie Fairman was arrested along with six other women in a police sting in Delaware, of all places.


Russian Police Busted An Adultery Fetish Brothel Staffed Entirely By Married Women

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These ladies were making some serious bucks doing a little side-prostituting, unbeknownst to their husbands.


Sex Workers Are Not Happy With Lisa Ann’s Rant On The Differences Between Porn Stars And Prostitutes

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Lisa Ann expressed her opinion on the differences between prostitution and pornography, but not everyone agreed with her sentiments.


CBS Has Suspended Greg Anthony Indefinitely After He Was Arrested For Allegedly Soliciting A Prostitute

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CBS just dropped the hammer on Greg Anthony after he was arrested with a prostitute.


This Australian Woman Has Slept With Over 10,000 Men And Now She’s Looking For Love

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After twelve years as a highly paid escort, Gwyneth Montenegro is looking to settle down with one lucky man. Who's interested?

belle knox

Porn Star Belle Knox Made A Convincing Case For Legalizing Prostitution

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Belle Knox thinks prostitution should be legal. Does she have a point?


This Craigslist Ad For Free Nationals Playoff Tickets For A Threeway Is Likely Fake

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An unnamed 24-year old Nationals fan is giving away his Game 1 tickets to two ladies who will sleep with him at the same time.


Bunny Ranch Owner Dennis Hof Wants Arizona To Legalize Prostitution For The Super Bowl

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Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof is urging Arizona lawmakers to make prostitution legal for the Super Bowl to avoid more serious crime.


19 Year-Old Twin Redhead Sisters Were Arrested In Raleigh For Alleged Prostitution

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These redheaded twins got into prostitution and got caught. Never go into prostitution with your siblings, or ever.


The NBA Lockout Is Hurting Prostitution

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LBS: "A CNBC report that was published on Monday detailed some of the struggles that small businesses have faced because of the cancellation of NBA games.


A Classic Tale Of Sportswriter-Turned-Pimp

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Newly forged icon among men Kevin Provencher will serve two and a half years in prison after being found guilty of running a prostitution ring in Salem, Mass.


High School Coach Ran A Prostitution Ring

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An Ohio high school football coach was busted in a prostitution ring.


Adulterers Offer $25m to Meadowlands In Exchange For Soul

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Hardly a year removed from former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's sexcapades with prostitute Ashley Dupre, AshleyMadison.


How Does It Feel For 40 Bucks?

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We’ll let 23-year-old David D.



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The cheapest little whorehouse in Berlin is offering customers a seven percent discount for johns that show up via bicycle.

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