40 Years Later, Jane Fonda Is Still Facing Criticism Over Her Regretful Decisions During The Vietnam War

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Jane Fonda still faces protests against her actions during the Vietnam War, with many willing to forgive, but never forget.


Hecklers Disrupted Bill Cosby’s Latest Performance With Chants Of ‘We Believe The Women’

By | 27 Comments

A group of hecklers disrupted Bill Cosby's final show in Canada with chants, while supporters of the comedian chanted back.


#BlackBrunchNYC Protests Interrupted ‘White Supremacy’ At Popular Brunch Spots

By | 61 Comments

A group of mostly African American protestors entered predominantly white brunch spots on Sunday to get their message out.

russell brand

A Man Penned A Furious Open Letter To Russell Brand After The Actor’s Protest Ruined His Lunch

By | 27 Comments

A man working at the Royal Bank of Scotland wrote a furious open letter to Russell Brand, whose latest protest antics ruined his lunch.


Here’s The Best Tweet To Come Out Of Britain’s ‘Face-Sitting’ Porn Protest

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From the look of this tweet, the U.K.'s face-sitting porn protests went off without a hitch this morning.


Protesters In London Will Try To Break The World Record For Face-Sitting Over The U.K.’s Sex Act Ban

By | 9 Comments

The mass demonstration scheduled for Friday will include a Guinness World Record attempt for the largest group of face-sitters. Yum.

Washington Redskins

Thousands Of Activists Protested The ‘Redskins’ Football Name During Game In Minnesota

By | 24 Comments

The #NotYourMascot movement in Minnesota came out to the Redskins/Vikings game to protest the continued use of the offensive name.


The VMAs Will Feature A Public Service Announcement Addressing The Ferguson Protests

By | 9 Comments

The MTV awards show is planning a 15 second video addressing the conflict taking place in Missouri.

Michael Brown Shooting

An Online Fundraiser Raised Nearly $235K In Support Of Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson

By | 60 Comments

The split between supporters of Darren Wilson and Michael Brown is evident, but isn't really helping anyone find justice.


The Westboro Baptist Church Accepted An Offer To Travel To Iraq And Protest ISIS

By | 10 Comments

The Westboro Baptist Church accepted an offer to protest ISIS in Iraq, but charity won out over hate.

#Robin Williams

A Nonprofit Has A Lovely Response To The Westboro Baptist Church Picketing Robin Williams’ Funeral

By | 24 Comments

As a response to the Westboro Baptist Church picketing Robin Williams' funeral, a non-profit has launched a charity.

#Impact Wrestling

A TNA Wrestler Is Joining The Protests In Ferguson, MO

By | 50 Comments

A TNA wrestler is on his way to stand with the people of Ferguson, MO.


Ferguson, Missouri Continues To Look Like A War Zone

By | 32 Comments

A fifth night of demonstrations in Ferguson, MIssouri yield more violence and no answers for the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown.


Why Uber Drivers Are Protesting The Company’s CEO: An Explainer

By | 20 Comments

Uber drivers are unhappy with their boss for wanting to replace them with robots. Really.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Yesterday Wasn’t Exactly All Fun And World Cup Soccer For The People Of Brazil

By | 23 Comments

Protesters clashed with riot police in cities across Brazil as the 2014 FIFA World Cup got underway yesterday.


Glasshole Being A Glasshole About His Precious Toy Getting Broken

By | 11 Comments

"Protestors" are apparently breaking Google Glass on the streets now, because that's productive.


OkCupid Asked Users To Boycott Firefox Over Mozilla CEO's Support Of Proposition 8

By | 4 Comments

Firefox users in search of love were greeted on OkCupid with a page asking them to use another browser to protest Brendan Eich's donation to Prop 8.

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