‘Ski Jumping Pairs’ Presents Japan’s Idea Of How American Ski Jumpers Jump

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Behold the glory of 'Ski Jumping Pairs,' a Japanese PSP game that makes American ski jumpers look like murderous, football-obsessed maniacs.

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Japanese Developers Abandon the Vita Just in Time for Its American Launch


Sony's newest portable, the PlayStation Vita arrives today -- or at least it does if you pre-ordered the special edition bundle (if you didn't, you'll have to wait until next week).


Is Everyone In Japan Buying a 3DS?

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Amid the clamor of cellphones and Xperia Plays and other chatter about portable gaming platforms, there's one name that doesn't come up much, and really should: Nintendo.

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PSP Gaming + Little Kid Walking = Epic Fall Onto Train Tracks (Video)

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Man, Italy must have some really impressive gaming titles for the PSP.


Are Android Phones Burning Books?


As the majority of Americans settle into their longest weekends of the year for Thanksgiving, the biggest celebrities and know-it-alls are making sure that we have plenty to read in our downtime as we digest ridiculous amounts of turducken, pumpkin pie, and good old American beer - just like the pilgrims.


Does Nintendo Hate Your Children?

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I still remember the Christmas morning that I got my first Gameboy, because it may have been the coolest present I ever got as a kid, aside from the GI Joe aircraft carrier.


9.29 The Cooler

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Sabado Gigante's Julie Ebony, JET For Sale.

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