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Watch Katy Perry, Drake, Ariana Grande, And Other Musicians Read Mean Tweets About Themselves On ‘Kimmel’

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An all-star selection of musicians test out the thickness of their skin by reading some Mean Tweets on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.'

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Did Justin Bieber’s Manager Buy YouTube Views To Help Make Him Famous?

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A Vocativ reporter received a suspicious tip questioning Biebs' video views.


The Apocalypse is Prophesied in ‘Gangnam Style’ + The Morning Links

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You heathens may not have known this, but the entire Apocalypse is prophesied in the video for Psy's 'Gangnam Style'.


Psy Has No Idea What Billie Joe Armstrong Meant When He Called Him ‘The Herpes Of Music’

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Psy's reaction to being called "the herpes of music" by Billie Joe Armstrong is hilarious.

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PSY – Gentleman (Horror Edition)


PSY's latest single, Gentleman, re-imagined as a horror movie trailer.

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What’s The Worst Thing Psy Does In His Perverted, Fart-Filled ‘Gentleman’ Music Video?

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Watch the music video for Psy's "Gentlemen," and realize how much of a dick he is.

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PSY – Gentleman


Here's the brand new video for PSY's first single since the super-viral (actually, the most-watched video in YouTube history) Gangnam Style.


Here’s That “Gangnam Style” Diplo Remix With 2 Chainz & Tyga You Were Patiently Waiting For

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Remember back in December when word was Diplo was working on a remix to the dance-driven phenomenon that is "Gangnam Style" and 2 Chainz was going to be apart of it.

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The Best Goat Remixes


Ever since the super viral Goats Yelling Like Humans compilation came out in early February, "goating" (the trend of adding yelling goats to popular songs) has been taking the Internet by storm.


Baby Wakes Up For Her Favorite Song


Amaya goes from deep sleep to busting a move as soon as she hears her favorite jam.


PSY’s Pistachio Super Bowl Commercial


PSY gives Gangnam Style a remix to promote Wonderful Pistachios.


Psy & MC Hammer’s Awkward Interview With Kathy Griffin & Anderson Cooper Was The Real Highlight Of NYE

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Kathy Griffin (to Psy): "There's money coming out of your butt at this point." Psy: "Thank you, that means a lot coming from you."


The Most Streamed Songs On NYE Prove A Lot Of People Broke Their Resolution To Not Listen To Crappy Music Anymore


According to Spotify, the 10 most popular songs streamed on New Year's Eve include Maroon 5, Psy, other overplayed top-40 radio hits.


Good Riddance: Psy Says He’s Retiring ‘Gangnam Style’ Tonight

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Psy essentially admitted himself in an interview that even he is sick of the stubbornly ubiquitous "Gangnam Style" and is considering retiring it.

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