#Nathan Fielder

Nathan Fielder Fooled The Internet Years Ago With A Fake Psychic Website

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Way before Dumb Starbucks was ever conceived, Nathan Fielder was impersonating a psychic healer on the internet.


Mick Foley Was At The First Olympics With The Undertaker, According To A New Age Talk Show

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Mick Foley went on a new age talk show to have his soul analyzed. Turns out Daniel Bryan's his son and Taker was at the first Olympics.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Cabeção The Psychic Turtle Has Boldly Picked Brazil To Win The World Cup Opener

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Sorry Croatia, but a 'psychic' turtle has weighed in the 2014 FIFA World Cup opener, and he picked Brazil to pull off the win.

Worst Psychics Ever

In The Least Shocking News Of All Time, Psychics Might Be Full Of Sh*t

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These psychics might be able to see your future, but they couldn't foresee their own legal troubles. Irony much?

#jimmy fallon

Jimmy Fallon Used Puppies To Predict The Super Bowl Because SCIENCE


We don’t get to talk about late night talk shows very much, not since Magic Johnson made sure that no athlete would ever again grace the stage of a major network.


Michael Vick Injuries Predicted By Least Believable Psychic Ever

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The headline "PSYCHIC UPDATE: He saw Vick injury coming" conjures up images of a Zoltar-esque guy huddled over a crystal ball with SportsCenter playing inside it, or rolling his eyes back in his head as he chants and flips Panini Prestige like tarot cards.


Who Could Ever Foresee See These Links?


What’s Going On In The World of Kitties.

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