Meet The Naked Man Who Went On A Pot-Smoking, Poop-Smearing Spree Inside A Philadelphia Police Station

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A Philadelphia-area man walked into a police station, lit up a joint and then did some naked poop artistry once taken into custody.

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A British Dwarf Pooped On The Floor Of His Local City Council Office To Protest Unfair Living Conditions


Pooping on the floor of your local city council's office is certainly one way to get your point across.

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A Serial Pooper Is Pooping Everywhere Inside The EPA’s Denver Offices

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The Environmental Protection Agency is trying to catch a serial pooper and it could be literally anybody ... EVEN YOU!

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Breaking: A Serial Pooper Is On The Loose In Houston!

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Houston authorities are on the lookout for a serial pooper who has been defecating in neighbors yards, driveways and sidewalks.

public pooping

Meet ‘Mr. Poo’ — India’s Anti-Public Pooping Mascot — In This Outstanding Animated PSA

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UNICEF has released a new Poo2Loo public health and hygiene campaign to stop people from open defecation in India, which is exactly what you'd think it is.

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