We Might Be Getting ‘Frozen’-Themed PSAs About Climate Change Very Soon

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Here's to hoping they don't use "Let It Go" in the campaign. (They're totally going to use "Let It Go" in the campaign.)


Watch A Chinese PSA Featuring A Graffiti-Loving Panda Pissing On A Bridge


China's CCTV has pulled a PSA featuring a man in a panda wreaking havoc in Australia. This is a sad day for everyone.

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Watch The LAPD’s Really Strange ’24’-Themed PSA About Locking Your Car

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This is so weird. A guy in a tiger costume shows up at one point. You should watch it.

public service announcements

French PSAs Mash Up Emoji And Perverts

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Emoji are awful enough, but what if they were real? And also child molesters?

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