All Aboard The Poop Express: There’s A Bus In The UK That’s Powered Entirely By Sh*t

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"Bio-Bus" seats up to 40 people and runs on the biomethane gas that's produced from the treatment of sewage and food waste.


Say Hello To The Used Condom That’s Apparently Been Riding NYC’s F Train For Three Weeks

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I jizz-filled condom has been spotted tied to the pole of a NYC subway car for weeks on end.


This Philadelphia Trolley Operator’s Narration Helps Brighten The Days Of His Passengers

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A Philadelphia trolley operator has been entertaining passengers by narrating his route for over two years now.

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Watch A Woman Pluck And Eat A Dead Bird On A Montreal Subway Car, To The Disgust Of Onlookers

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Someone should have mentioned to this girl that you're not supposed to be eating on the subway.

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Insane Possessed Woman Growls, Then Attacks Confused Man On A Public Train

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This video shows a woman on a train go full on 'Exorcist', growling before attacking the man seated next to her.

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Some Dude Whipped Out His Penis And Started Touching Himself On A Crowded Philadelphia Bus

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A video of a man riding a packed Philadelphia bus while exposing and touching himself went viral this week. Never change, Philly.


This Guy Had The Best Ever Reaction To Finding Himself Alone On The Subway

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A guy who found himself on the subway along did the only logical thing he could think of.


Nothing Is Funnier Than These New York Subway Passengers Trapped In A Moving Car With A Rat

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A rat managed to infiltrate New York's crowded A-train where it terrorized passengers. No, Remy, no!

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This Amazing Pepsi Max Commercial Turns A Normal Bus Stop Into A Wild Slice Of Fantasy

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Pepsi Max sets up a bus stop that freaks out pedestrians. That is my favorite pedestrian.

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