Insane Possessed Woman Growls, Then Attacks Confused Man On A Public Train

By | 25 Comments

This video shows a woman on a train go full on 'Exorcist', growling before attacking the man seated next to her.


Some Dude Whipped Out His Penis And Started Touching Himself On A Crowded Philadelphia Bus

By | 12 Comments

A video of a man riding a packed Philadelphia bus while exposing and touching himself went viral this week. Never change, Philly.


This Guy Had The Best Ever Reaction To Finding Himself Alone On The Subway

By | 8 Comments

A guy who found himself on the subway along did the only logical thing he could think of.


Nothing Is Funnier Than These New York Subway Passengers Trapped In A Moving Car With A Rat

By | 7 Comments

A rat managed to infiltrate New York's crowded A-train where it terrorized passengers. No, Remy, no!


This Amazing Pepsi Max Commercial Turns A Normal Bus Stop Into A Wild Slice Of Fantasy

By | 8 Comments

Pepsi Max sets up a bus stop that freaks out pedestrians. That is my favorite pedestrian.

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