Marina Abramopug Is The Dog Performance Artist The World Needs

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Thanks to Marina Abramopug, performance art goes to the dogs! Ha, see what I did there!


Important News For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans: Everybody’s Getting Replaced With Pugs

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'The Pugs Of Westeros' stars Roxy, Blue, and Bono as several characters from 'Game Of Thrones'. Wheezing is coming.


You Can Almost Feel The True Love In This Pug Wedding Ceremony


A woman in England threw a pretty fancy wedding ceremony for her pet pugs, Betty and Albert, over the weekend.


The Ballsiest Pug You’ve Ever Seen Took On A Police K-9 Unit In Phoenix

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A dangerous police standoff in Phoenix was briefly interrupted by a random pug that had some beef with the K-9 German Shepherd.


Elf (Pug Edition)


Modern holiday classic Elf gets reenacted by a cast of adorable pugs.


Here Is ‘Home Alone’ Retold By Pug Puppies

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In this video that is sure to warm your cold, dark hearts, pug puppies help retell the story of 'Home Alone.'


‘Tis Already The Season For A Video Full Of Christmas Pugs

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Here's a video of a bunch of adorable Christmas pugs to jump start your holiday spirit.

#game of thrones

Happy Halloween, Here Are Some ‘Game Of Thrones’ Pugs

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For no reason other than this photo exists, here is a picture of three pugs dressed up as Game of Thrones characters.


Pug Reacts To Revving Engine


This pug's natural reaction to a loud car almost makes it look like he's revving the engine with his years.


Attack of the Pug + The Morning Links


And you thought yesterday's pug post was going to be your only pug post of the week.


Toy Critic Pug


Queenie the pug is a top level toy tester with a calm and focused approach.


The Ultimate Movie Vomit Mashup (Morning Links)


[via NextMovie] MORNING LINKS Spring Breakers Review: Many f*cks spoken, few given |Film Drunk| Frotcast 143: Live From SXSW |Frotcast| 15 Other Classic Albums Recorded At Sound City Studios |UPROXX| I’m gonna hug him, and squeeze him, and call him George.


Sneeze War! Pug vs. Baby


Mia the pug starts a sneeze war with the wrong baby.


Pug Sledding Party


Four adorable pugs embark on a sledding adventure.


Famous Last Words And Afternoon Links


Today's afternoon links, featuring the MedicAlert bracelet for every internet user, an orangutan's final request, and a derpy pug going upstairs.

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