Want To Know What Happened When 1,000 People Ate Ghost Peppers At The Same Time?

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At a gathering in Copenhagen, a thousand people bit into ghost peppers at the same time and everything got sweaty and pukey from there.


Jennifer Lawrence Got Drunk And Puked On Madonna’s Staircase In Front Of Miley Cyrus

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In an interview already recorded for 'Late Night,' Jennifer Lawrence admits to puking on Madonna's staircase in front of Miley Cyrus.


Lady Gaga’s SXSW Performance Included A Ball Gag, Doritos, And A Vomit Shower

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Gaga opened by roasting herself on a spit like a gutted pig — and then things got really weird.


A Drunk Lady Puked On Ryan Reynolds During A Recent Flight To New Orleans

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Ryan Reynolds is currently in New Orleans filming Selfless with Sir Ben Kingsley, and that will be the first film that he’ll release in the wake of the colossal donkey turd bomb that was RIPD.


Kid Can’t Stop Puking During Christmas Carols


Here's a great reason not to load up on sugar cookies and eggnog before the big holiday concert.


Reporter Vomits


RTL-TVI reporter Sebastian Degrave is having one of those days.

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