If You Consume One Amazing 'Pulp Fiction' Remix Today, Let It Be This One

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Via <a href="">the Daily What</a>, <a href="">YouTuber Pogo</a> offers up this rather incredible Pulp Fiction remix for your entertainment.


The 'Pulp Fiction' In Chronological Order Infographic Is Quite Possibly Divine Intervention


A while back <a href="" target="_blank">I wrote about how the Pulp Fiction in Chronological Order video completely validated YouTube's time limit increase</a>.


The Nicolas Cage In Everything Project: Photoshopping Nic Cage Into All The Movies And Television

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To the untrained eye Nicolas Cage is seemingly in every film and television project ever.


The 10 Definitive Jules Winnfield GIFs

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My original intentions were to make this "The 10 Definitive Samuel L.


3.5 The Cooler

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Cristal Steverson Things I Haven't Heard Anyone Say About Jeremy Lin Yet <a href="">[Very Smart Brothers]</a> Metallica: 'We'll Distribute Music In Cereal Boxes' <a href="">[NME]</a> BP Reaches $7.


Pulp Fiction Finally Gets Medieval On Our A$$es, Shakespeare Style


Back in 2008, a wiki called "<a href="">A Slurry Tale</a>" was started to crowdsource a re-write of Pulp Fiction as a Shakespearean play because that is very, very important.

#arrested development

‘Has Anyone In This Family Ever Even Seen A Chicken?’

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Last week I saw <a href="" target="_blank">Elaine's Dance Illustrated</a> in a couple of places, and while I thought it was cute, I wasn't didn't feel compelled to write it up.


Modern Classics Get Recast With Vintage Casts And Posters

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<a href="" target="_blank">Illustrator/Designer Peter Stults</a> was forwarded <a href="" target="_blank">an Alternate Universe Movie Posters project</a> years back by a friend.


Heads Blow Up! The Supercut And The Finest Head-Splodin’ GIFs You Can Find On Short Notice


I subconsciously classify new supercuts in one of three categories the moment I see a headline A) Everything I need to know in the title, B) I'll give it thirty seconds, and C) DROP EVERYTHING MUST WATCH HOLY SH*T WHERE'S THE TYLENOL.


A Much Better Version Of Yesterday’s Links


Way to go, Governor Goodhair, now you're a meme.


‘Pulp Fiction’ In Chronological Order Completely Validates YouTube’s Time Limit Increase

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How <a href="" target="_blank">Pulp Fiction in chronological order</a> has been on YouTube for over a month without me knowing it is a greater mystery than the motivation behind <a href="" target="_blank">Will Ferrell's Old Milwaukee ads</a>.

pulp fiction print in iran

British Diplomats In Iran Are ‘Pulp Fiction’ Fans, Apparently


Reports <a href="">the Globe and Mail</a>: When Iranian protesters climbed the fence and stormed the British embassy compound in the Iranian capital of Tehran on Tuesday, there were few surprises in what the protesters focused on: embassy documents thrown into the air and several portraits of the Queen that were ripped apart in front of crowds chanting anti-Western slogans.


‘Quentin Tarantino – The Works’ Is The Best Tarantino Tribute You’ll See Today

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Joel Walden (aka YouTube's <a href="" target="_blank">heresjohnny1991</a>) is a twenty year-old Canadian editing prodigy and film enthusiast who was only a year-old when Reservoir Dogs came out yet has still amassed a great appreciation for the work of Quentin Tarantino.


The Best Of ‘Quentin vs. Coen’ Fan Art Masterpieces


<a href="" target="_blank">San Francisco's Spoke Art Gallery</a> <a href="" target="_blank">just completed</a> a three city tour of their "Quentin Vs.

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Le Big Mac In Space: Pulp Fiction Meets Star Wars (video)

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You know, usually when I'm not perfecting my homemade HPV vaccine (still needs more BBQ sauce), I like to imagine what the hell it would be like if, say, Pulp Fiction and Star Wars had a baby together.


The Best Pop Culture Cinemagraphs On The Internet

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Cinemagraphs are a relatively new and arty form of animated media where only a portion of the image is actually animated.


“Naked Girls Reading Pulp Fiction”

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Do you find strip clubs lacking in culture.

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