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Dropkick Murphys To Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker: ‘We Literally Hate You’

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Dropkick Murphys responded with some serious vitriol when they learned that Scott Walker used their hit cover song, 'Shipping Up to Boston.'


Screeching Weasel Is Trying To Get Its Female Fans To Fight CM Punk In Real Life

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CM Punk didn't like Screeching Weasel's frontman Ben Weasel hitting women. Now, Weasel wants women to hit Punk. Wait, what?


Please Enjoy This 5th Grader’s Note Written After Discovering The Dead Kennedys

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This note was allegedly written by a 5th grader after discovering a Dead Kennedys' album at her local library. Pure magic.


Sonic Doom: UltraMantis Black’s Debut Album Is Heavy On Aggression

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Our humble review of the debut EP of ULTRAMANTIS BLACK, the hardcore musical vessel of professional wrestling's own UltraMantis Black.

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Watch This Guy Blitz Through Blink-182’s Entire Discography In Just Five Minutes

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Impressive Australian drummer plays all 63 songs in the blink of an eye.


Check Out The X-Pistols, An Artistic Mashup Of Punk Rock X-Men

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We've seen dictators mashed up with super villains, new wave mashed up with the Justice League and now punk rock is mashing with The X-Men.


M.I.A. Called Her Super Bowl Middle Finger A ‘Punk Rock’ Display Of Female Empowerment

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In a video response to the NFL's lawsuit, rapper M.I.A. said that Madonna's teenage cheerleaders were far more offensive than her own middle finger.

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‘Godfather Of Punk’ Iggy Pop Revealed That He Didn’t Like Punk Music


In this month's issue of Classic Rock, legendary "Godfather of Punk" Iggy Pop explains that he didn't like punk rock music in The Stooges' early days.


Here’s What You Need To Know About The Pussy Riot Kerfuffle

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A Russian punk band faces up to seven years in prison, all because they played an anti-government and -religion song.


Those Damn Punks Get A Biopic


You might think that news from Risky Business about a Ramones biopic doesn't count as geek news, but you'd be completely wrong.

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