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‘I Think It’s A F*cking Puppet': Jon Stewart And Martin Short Debate Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Tiger

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Jon Stewart and Martin Short got down to business to figure out what WAS going on with Katy Perry's Super Bowl tiger.

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Watch The Muppets Take Their Sweet, Twisted Revenge On Mankind With ‘The Human Show’

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At long last, someone has theorized what the world would look like if Muppets were in control and it's horrifying.


Let’s Feel The Love And Get Weird With The Demented Puppets Of ‘Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared III’

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The folks behind 'Don't Hug Me I'm Scared' are back with the third entry in the series, this time proving that love is a special thing.

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Here’s The Sequel To One Of The Best ‘SNL’ Sketches In Recent Memory

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Anthony Peter Coleman and his puppet are still having some issues...


John Oliver’s Enlightening Prison Segment Used A Muppet Sing-A-Long To Hammer Home How F*cked Things Are

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John Oliver used muppets and drop the soap supercuts to explain the state of our prison system, and it was still as depressing as hell.


Let’s Learn A Little Bit About Time With The Hilariously Disturbing ‘Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared II’


The second installment of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared is here to teach you while sending you to therapy for showing you unspeakable horrors.


Puppet Movie Trailer Proposal


Stacy Ayotte invited his girlfriend to a movie and replaced the first preview with a fake trailer in which puppets act out key moments from their relationship -- and his puppet eventually proposes.


‘Community’ Is Doing An All-Puppet Episode

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An all-puppet episode of "Community," with Jason Alexander, will air in April.


You Shall Not Peck: ‘ThanksKilling 3′ Goes 16-bit In A New, Turkey-Avenging Clip

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A chainsaw-wielding turkey seeking Thanksgiving revenge battles a Gandalf-style turkey in a video game inspired scene from 'ThanksKilling 3'.


Ricky Rubio Gets Three In A Row, Goes For One More

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Minnesota Timberwolves PG Ricky Rubio tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee back in March, causing the onslaught of out-of-nowhere T-Wolves viral videos to slow to a crawl.


Oh God, The Ron Washington Puppet

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Go into the light until we meet again.

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OK Go Made a Muppets Video

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OK Go made a video for their version of the Muppet Theme song from the Muppet Green Album (which was released today, and is less disappointing than Weezer's Green Album, hopefully).


All Theater Should Have Fire-Breathing Dragons

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A while back, Dreamworks teamed up with a company called Global Creatures to produce a $20 million theatrical version of How to Train Your Dragon which is premiering this March.

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New Puppet Commercial: LeBron in 2010

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Some maniacal Laker fan just watched this commercial and is taking it as a covert sign that LeBron is now considering L.


Nike’s Kobe/LeBron Puppet Wars

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"For each one of these delicious chocolate chip cookies, there is an equally delicious NBA championship ring.



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The Jim Henson Company has picked up a script for The Happytown Murders, a "comedic film noir murder mystery" to be directed by Brian Henson.

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“I Feel Like I’m The One That’s Doing Dope…”

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Not as good as some of the others because dude's sock puppet game ain't exactly on point.

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