SIU Head Coach Barry Hinson Loses His Mind Talking Mama’s Boys, Puppies & SEAL Team 6 In Postgame Presser


Barry Hinson does not enjoy SIU losing basketball games. Here he is talking house training, snipers, penis jokes and more in an amazing anti-SIU rant.


Puppies Learning To Walk Compilation

The most adorable clips of puppies trying to walk for the very first time, all in one video.


Jimmy Fallon’s Adorable And Possibly Clairvoyant Puppies Predict The World Series


Jimmy Fallon unleashed his trusty Puppy Predictor in an attempt to forecast the 2013 World Series. I predict fluffiness.


Puppies vs. Slides (Compilation)

The most adorable clips of puppies trying to master slides, all in one video.


Bulldog Puppy vs. Watermelon

Gus the 11-month-old bulldog devours a tasty watermelon.


Puppies Predict The NFL Season Opener

Jimmy Fallon uses a whole litter of puppies to predict the NFL season opener, a technique that accurately predicted this year's Oscars and Super Bowl (but not the Final Four or Kentucky Derby).


Attack of the Pug + The Morning Links

And you thought yesterday's pug post was going to be your only pug post of the week.

swimmer puppy syndrome

Here Is Video Of A Disabled Puppy Learning To Walk Set To The 'Rocky' Theme. Prepare To Lose Your Sh*t.


You've probably never heard of "swimmer puppy sundrome." This dog, Mick, has that. Now watch him overcome it.


Puppy Goes Stair Surfing

A chocolate lab puppy showcases his unique method for going down the stairs.

#game of thrones

King Joffrey With A Puppy Is The Most Confusing Vine You’ll Watch Today


Game of Thrones star Jack Gleeson (AKA King Joffrey) received the royal slobber treatment from a puppy in this week's most adorable Vine.


With Leather’s Watch This: The Puppy Workout Seems Pretty Legit

If exercising and staying in shape are as easy as lifting an adorable golden retriever puppy a few times each day, then I should look like the Incredible Hulk.


Dog Takes Puppy on a Shopping Cart Adventure

Maymo the lemon beagle takes Penny on a shopping cart journey across various landscapes and terrains.


Puppy vs. Dandelion

Charlie the keeshond puppy spots something as fluffy as he is, and just can't handle it.

White House Down

Move Over Baby Goose, Channing Tatum Fed Soup to a Puppy


First, the huge news – Channing Tatum is a proud father.


Let’s Help Ray Charles The Blind Golden Retriever Drop The Puck At A Bruins Game


If you are not already waist-deep in a puddle of squee at the sight of a golden retriever puppy in a hockey jersey, prepare to deal with the cutest, saddest Facebook bio ever: Hi, I'm Ray Charles a golden retriever that was born blind (12/8/12), but don't feel bad for me.

#jimmy fallon

Puppy Predicts The Kentucky Derby

Jimmy Fallon brings on a puppy to predict the Kentucky Derby, a technique that accurately predicted this year's Oscars and Super Bowl (but not the Final Four).


Elisha Cuthbert In A Pile Of Puppies Is Why ‘Happy Endings’ Should Be Renewed


Here is an extremely important GIF of Elisha Cuthbert playing with puppies on "Happy Endings."


Puppy Gets Stuck in Bowl

A fluffy chow puppy has a little trouble joining his buddy for play time.

#jimmy fallon

Puppies Predict The 2013 Final Four

Jimmy Fallon brings on a panel of puppies to predict the 2013 Final Four, a technique that accurately predicted the 2013 Oscars and predicted Super Bowl XLVII.

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