Did Qatar Lose The 2022 World Cup?

By | 19 Comments

Rumors are swirling that Qatar has lost their precious 2022 World Cup.


Emails Surface That Qatar Bribed FIFA For The 2022 World Cup

By | 11 Comments

England's Sunday Times reports that millions in bribes were spent.


Sepp Blatter’s Twitter Was Hacked, And Now He’s Hashtagging People As Murderers

By | 4 Comments

Earlier today, FIFA president Sepp Blatter started to get a little.


Evil Genius To Save 2022 World Cup

By | 5 Comments

We were certainly quick to call the decision to host the 2022 World Cup in Qatar corrupt and ridiculous bullsh*t, but it turns out that the country’s deep-pocketed leaders may be on track to producing the most fan-friendly event in the history of the sport.

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