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’90s TV Shows That Deserve The ‘Full House’ Reboot Treatment


With 'X-Files', 'Coach', and 'Full House' booked for a return to TV, we took a look at a few other 90s shows that might be ripe for a reboot

Quantum Leap

The Most Ridiculous Times That Sam Influenced The Future On ‘Quantum Leap’


For Scott Bakula's 60th birthday, we remember the most ridiculous ways that Sam unwittingly helped guide artists on 'Quantum Leap.'

Quantum Leap

Chili’s Backed Out Of An Anti-Vaccination Group Fundraiser For Autism Awareness Month


Level-headedness prevails as Chili's opts out of a fundraiser that would give money to people who think vaccinations make their kids autistic.

Scott Bakula

This Is Probably The Best 15 Seconds In Television History


Scott Bakula discovers a shocking secret in this classic clip from Quantum Leap.

Quantum Leap

China Cracks Down on TV Time Travel


In case you'd forgotten that China is run by an insane and oppressive communist regime, Chinese television censors issued a decree against TV dramas in which characters travel back in time, claiming that such series promote "feudalism" and "superstition.

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Quantum Leap To Get The Movie No One Expected

Hey, remember that Quantum Leap movie you’ve been clamoring for since the show went off the air in 1993.

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