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The World According To Julie J: Pearls And Gems

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Julie J digs through the Internet for this weekly column.


QUE. – Can You Digg It? Mixtape


Yes, yes we can digg it.

#music videos

Que – ‘Uno Dos Tres’ Video


House shoes and foreign whips.

Sonny Digital

Que Ft. Bankroll Fre$h – “F*** Around” Video


Recording themselves stealing the money? Amateurs.

Who Is Que?

Guilt-Free Listening: Que’s ‘Who Is Que’ EP Stream

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Atlantic signee offers an early listen to his new project before it goes to retail.


The World According to Julie J: New Music From Waka, Gucci, Young Thug, Lil Durk & More

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I took a break from listening to <em>By Any Means</em> to find some other dope music.

The World According To Julie J

The World According to Julie J: Dear Kevin Gates, I Love You

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SXSW this, SXSW that. SXSW was where all my favorites were at.

SXSW 2014

Prime Suspect: Que Talks “O.G. Bobby Johnson” Success, New Mixtape & Earning His Way Into Rap

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Word on the street he's a suspect, but we were able to track Que down at SXSW for a quick convo.

Young Jeezy

DJ Mustard YG, Jeezy & Que – “Vatos”

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Expect to hear the words nachos, gatos and vatos strung together.


The World According To Julie J: Trappin’ Ain’t Dead

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I'm back and I brought Young Thug, Lil Durk, OJ and more with me.


Que – “From The Jump”

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Gucci better hurry up and get out of jail. If not, Que's going to mess around and own the top spot for trapper rappers.

Who Is Que?

Que Ft. Juicy J – “Clip So Long” (Prod. By Sonny Digital)

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New track from the "OG Bobby Johnson" rapper fresh off a new deal with Atlantic.

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