#Kanye West

QoTD: Should Rappers Still Be Required To Write Their Own Song Lyrics?

By | 81 Comments

Kanye West's "All Day" has 17 contributors. Does it matter?


QoTD: Who’s Your Pick To Win Tonight’s College Football Championship – Ohio State Or Oregon?

By | 15 Comments

Who's your pick to win the first College Football Playoff title - Ohio State or Oregon?


QoTD: Is Kendrick Lamar About To Drop A New Album Any Day Now?

By | 47 Comments

How close are we to getting a new Kendrick Lamar album?


QoTD: On Your First Listen, What’s The Best Song On J. Cole’s ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive’?

By | 113 Comments

After listening for the first time, what's your favorite song on J. Cole's new album?


QoTD: Will Game 3 Make Or Break The Thunder’s Season?

By | 18 Comments

The Thunder find their backs against the wall. Will they punch back or fold?


QoTD: What is Your Favorite ‘Futurama’ Episode?

By | 33 Comments

For on this day 15 years, one of the greatest adult animated science fiction sitcoms first aired.


QoTD: What’s Your Go-To Pair Of Kicks?

By | 75 Comments

In which we talk footwear for life.

XXL Magazine

QOTD: When Was The Last Time You Bought A Rap Magazine?

By | 59 Comments

Do you buy off the shelves, subscribe or skip them altogether?


QoTD: Have You Ever Witnessed A Black Friday Fight?

By | 35 Comments

Don't be shy about sharing your stories, unless charges are still pending.


QoTD: What’s The Best Podcast Out Right Now?

By | 77 Comments

Which podcast is a mandatory listen for you?

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