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‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Gets A Smart-Assed Q&A

By | 3 Comments

We learn about install sizes, car customizing, and that in Grand Theft Auto V, everybody's got good health insurance.

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Is 100% Completion In Games Really a Good Thing?

By | 14 Comments

100% completion: fun... or just insidious and obsessive compulsive?

stuart gordon comes up a lot

Why Have There Been So Few Good Lovecraft Movies?

By | 32 Comments

H.P. Lovecraft has a terrible time at the movies. But hey, at least he's not Stephen King.


What Is The Worst Comics Crossover Of All Time?

By | 33 Comments

Have at it: which crossover made you want to cross over into the next realm, it was so bad?


What’s Your Favorite Bad Movie?

By | 50 Comments

Or: Why 'Birdemic' is a Classic.

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How Far Is Too Far When It Comes To Digital Rights Management (DRM) Of Video Games?

By | 13 Comments

DRM: love it or hate it, on games it's not going anywhere. But how far are you willing to let it go?


Is It Time For Sony To Kill The Vita?

By | 6 Comments

Should the Vita try to live up to its name or become the Muerta?

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What’s The Most Overrated Game You’ve Ever Played?

By | 78 Comments

Games can be bad or good, but some are overrated.


What Comic Book Character Do You Most Want To Come Back?

By | 24 Comments

There are characters we all love and hang onto, in comics.


What Game Do You Want Me To Review Next Week?

By | 19 Comments

So, here's the deal: I've got a $10 Gift Card to Amazon, and there's nothing on the release schedule next week you, gentle readers, have been clamoring that I try and review.


Do You Ever Go For All The Achievements In a Game?

By | 23 Comments

Whenever you buy a new game, it's always there, in the back of your head.

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What Does It Take To Get You To Buy DLC?

By | 11 Comments

Here's a question: what does DLC have to offer you before you take out your credit card.

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Do You Care About Pre-Order Bonuses?

By | 17 Comments

So "Hitman: Absolution", a game that still has a nebulous at best release date, has followed up the arcane ritual of video game releasing by announcing its pre-order bonuses.

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Do You Complete Every Sidequest In a Game?

By | 11 Comments

I have something to admit; when it comes to games, I'm a compulsive side-quest player.

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"Mass Effect 3"'s Ending: Love It Or Hate It?

By | 11 Comments

One thing we didn't want to talk about in our fairly lengthy and nitpicky review of "Mass Effect 3" is the story.


In Games, How Political Is Too Political?

By | 9 Comments

Kotaku has a feature today about a new enemy in "Bioshock: Infinite", a Motorized Patriot.


Should Batman Kill The Joker?

By | 22 Comments

Comics Alliance pointed us towards a pretty interesting essay about Batman's moral standards and how he should really just put the Joker six feet under.

welcome to the internet where everybody's wrong and your feelings don't matter

Should We Save Derpy Hooves?

By | 15 Comments

We're not fans of Gawker chortling up its sleeve at Bronies, but the flipside of that is they have the best coverage of the subculture outside of, well, the actual subculture.


What TV Show Do You Most Want to See Rebooted?

By | 19 Comments

It's a pretty straightforward question: "Star Trek" may be coming back if Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer successfully revive "The Munsters".

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