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Jimmy Fallon And Lena Dunham Played A Rousing Game Of ‘Pyramid’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

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Jimmy Fallon squares off against Lena Dunham in a vicious game of 'Tonight Show Pyramid'

black simon and garfunkel

Live That Fantasy Of Black Simon & Garfunkel Covering 'Royals'


You can never be(at this Black Simon and Garfunkel cover of "Royals").

late night

Watch Mitt Romney Slow Jam The News With Jimmy Fallon And Questlove

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Mitt Romney joins Jimmy Fallon for a soulful rendition of Slow Jam The News.

jimmy fallon

Black Simon & Garfunkel Cover Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ On Fallon, Really Need To Do A Full Album

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Questlove and "Captain" Kirk Douglas of The Roots teamed up on tonight's "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" for another Black Simon & Garfunkel segment.


Questlove Talked At-Length About His Unhealthy Obsession With ‘Soul Train’ On NPR’s ‘Fresh Air’

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Questlove is obsessed with Soul Train. No, he's really, REALLY obsessed with Soul Train.


What’s On Tonight: Questlove Is On ‘The Daily Show,’ Everything Else Is Invalid

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The season premieres of 'Rizzoli and Isles' and 'Catfish: The TV Show,' plus Questlove stops by 'The Daily Show'

roller skating

A Few Quick Thoughts About Questlove's Story About Roller-Skating With Prince

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Questlove's new book contains a story about roller skating with Prince. We have to talk about it.


Andrew W.K. Played The Drums For 24 Straight Hours

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You read that right: Andrew W.K. drummed for 24 hours in a row.

live music

D’Angelo And ?uestlove Jammed In A Bowling Alley Last Night


Watch D'Angelo and ?uestlove perform songs new and old in a bowling alley in Brooklyn, NY.


Alison Brie Performed Her Best Freestyle Rap To Date Sitting Between Artie Lange And Jimmy Fallon

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Last we checked in with our collective muse, Alison Brie, she was <a href="" target="_blank">advertising platonic foot massages</a> only to have <a href="" target="_blank">Joel McHale issue restraining orders</a> against the whole lot of us.


Questlove To Teach Course On ‘Classic Albums’ At NYU

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The idea of going back to school is downright repulsive to me, but Questlove teaching a class on classic albums is something that I could actually see myself getting excited about.


The Hip-Hop Illuminati, Including Kanye And Questlove, Are Going To Be On ‘The Cleveland Show’

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Kanye, Questlove, Nicki, Bruno, and more will be on that show you've totally forgotten about, but isn't ALL bad.


David Cross And Amber Tamblyn Had The Most Charmingly Perfect Wedding Ever

By | 21 Comments

Don't be such a blow hard: enjoy something nice for a change.

black simon and garfunkel

Black Simon & Garfunkel Sing A Folk Song For A New Generation On 'Fallon' (And The Morning Links)

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Jimmy Fallon welcomes Black Simon & Garfunkel into the studio to a sing a One Direction song, and the rest of the Morning Links.


The Time Dave Chappelle And Questlove Hung Out With Prince And Prince’s Gold Pajamas


The current version of myself appreciates the entire anecdote almost as much as the 2004 version would have.


Questlove’s Ten Most Notable Musical Collaborations

By | 11 Comments

Recently, someone asked me if I could be any TV character ever, who would I be.

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