Netflix CEO earned $9.3 million for being a giant screw-up last year


If you remember the name Reed Hastings, it's probably from those videos he made last year explaining why Netflix was splitting into two companies for DVD and streaming, giving the new one the torn-from-1998 name "Qwikster.


Netflix cancels plans for Qwikster (perfect timing!)


Less than a month ago, Netflix CEO and Co-Founder Reed Hastings sent all his subscribers a long, personalized email saying "I messed up," and announcing a plan to split Netflix into two companies -- Netflix, which would handle streaming, and Qwikster, a new subsidiary and site which would handle DVD-by-mail services (and remain on the cutting edge of 1999, thanks to the new name).


Netflix: Um, Just Forget About That Whole Qwikster Thing


In a sketch that didn't make the air last weekend, SNL hilariously mocked Netflix's recent identity crisis-related public missteps.


Jason Castillo, AKA @Qwikster, Finally Woke Up From His Weed Haze


All day I've been imagining Jason Castillo, the stoner who's unwittingly squatting on the Twitter handle of Netflix's new DVD-by-mail unit, waking up on his sofa amidst a pile of empty pizza boxes and honey bear bongs to discover that he's suddenly semi-famous and potentially in line for a financial windfall.


Netflix is Called ‘Qwikster’ Now for Some Reason


I didn't really cover it when Netflix raised their price for unlimited streaming and one DVD from $9.


Netflix Really Didn’t Think This Qwikster Thing Through All That Well, Did They?


Putting the business savvy of Reed Hastings' decision to spin off Netflix's DVD-by-mail business into Qwikster aside -- and there is a lot to debate about this -- the way all of this came about makes me think that it was a decision made in the middle of the night by a panicked executive on a weekend bender.

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