Jerry Jones And His Pulsating Crotch Star In The Greatest Taiwanese Animation Ever Made

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Prepare yourself for Jerry Jones, his crotch and the greatest GIF ever made.

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Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Barbershop Quartet Perform A Stirring Rendition Of R. Kelly’s ‘Ignition (Remix)’

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You haven't heard "Ignition (Remix)" until you've heard The Ragtime Gals perform every "toot" and "beep" and "bounce."


“You Deserve Better” – Review Of R. Kelly’s ‘Black Panties’

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Not since Marvin Gaye has there been an R&B artist with such polarizing traits, both personal and musical.

Rick Ross

Lady Gaga Ft. R. Kelly + Rick Ross – “Do What U Want” (Remix)


Rick Ross inserts himself into Lady Gaga's song.

Village Voice

In Case You’ve Forgotten That R. Kelly Might Be A Rape-y Monster, Here’s A Sickening Reminder

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The Village Voice talked to Jim DeRogatis about the R. Kelly sexual misconduct case fifteen years later and the details are eye opening.


R. Kelly’s Planning A ‘Lovemaking’ Christmas Album

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May or may not feature a reworked "What Child Is This?"

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R. Kelly – “Cookie” Video

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"I love to lick the middle like an Oreo."


R. Kelly Started #askRKelly On Twitter And Things Didn’t Go Too Well


What followed were countless lulz-y questions. Naturally, Kellz didn't answer any of them. Can you guess why?

R. Kelly Started #askRKelly On Twitter And Things Didn’t Go Too Well

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Need a job? Update your LinkedIn and holler at R. Kelly because something tells me he's going to be in need of a new social media manager after today.


R. Kelly Performed An Emotional Tribute To Nelson Mandela On ‘Arsenio’ Last Night

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R. Kelly performed "Soldier's Heart," the song he wrote about Nelson Mandela, on Arsenio last night.

too short

R. Kelly Ft. Nipsey Hussle and Too $hort – “My Story” (L.A. Remix)


Kellz’s verse is a shot of “I Wish” with a “12 Play” chaser, as he sings about his rags to riches tale while reminding you that he makes vaginas cry.

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Benedict Cumberbatch Gave A Dramatic Reading Of R. Kelly Lyrics On ‘Kimmel’ And It Was Spectacular

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Jimmy Kimmel had an eclectic mix of guests on his show last night, and he took full advantage.

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