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The Durham Bulls Have Unveiled Their 'Star Wars' Uniforms For An Upcoming Game


The Durham Bulls will host another 'Star Wars' night, but this time players will be wearing some awesome R2D2 jerseys.


The First Post On The Official ‘Star Wars’ Tumblr Page Is Absolutely Perfect

By | 3 Comments

The official 'Star Wars' Tumblr account debuted today, and like its Instagram account, it had the perfect first post.

A.N.T. Farm

Droids Are Being Sassy On Disney Channel! The Crossovers Begin!

By | 9 Comments

R2D2 and C3PO are already embarrassing themselves on the Disney Channel...

darth vadar

Things I Saw On The Internet Today That I Want Really Bad

By | 8 Comments

Each day I spend hours wandering around the Internet, and often I run across things that I find myself wanting really bad.


Peek Inside the Handheld Portal Device, R2-D2 and Mega Man with Schematics from Miles D


Every kid loves C-3PO, but some kids want to love his insides too, even going so far as getting excited when 3PO moans about how good his hot oil bath feels.


Guy Mods R2-D2 To Play Xbox 360, Projector Included

By | 2 Comments

These days, it seems that everyone loves themselves a little R2-D2.

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