This Protective Momma Rabbit Beats The Crap Out Of A Snake To Save Her Babies


This momma bunny continues her punishing assault even after the snake is away from her babies.


Two Bunnies Interrupted The Local News In Knoxville, Tennessee By Humping Like Rabbits On-Air


WBIR-TV in Knoxville, Tennessee brought two rabbits up on the desk as the anchors read the news. Then nature happened.


Bini the Basketball-Playing Bunny

Bini the bunny shows off his basketball moves, including some ferocious dunks.


Using Snakes to Catch Rabbits (Barehanded!)

Andrew Ucles demonstrates his technique for catching wild rabbits, which involves catching and carrying several venomous snakes -- with his bare hands.


The Hypnotizing Stoat

How many animals do you know that hunt their prey with (killer.


The World's Most Tolerant Bunny

A kitten cleans and gnaws on the ears of a very patient bunny.


Balloon-Loving Bunny

This bunny really loves its pink balloon.


Bunny Jumping Competition

Vice spent the day at the Rabbit Grand National show jumping competition in Yorkshire, England, where bunnies display their speed and agility by hopping over brightly colored fences.


Herman Cain Is Still Running Batsh*t Political Ads On The Internet For Some Reason


I'm not sure what Herman Cain has been up to since a cavalcade of women he'd boned or tried to bone came forward to torpedo his comical presidential campaign, but it looks like he's back, baby.


Friday Face-Off: Kitten Agility Training Vs. A Very Hungry Bunny


Welcome to Friday Face-Off, our weekly random video competition that pits two of the Internet’s most wildly popular videos against each other for the sake of determining which is the world’s most popular video of this week.


Friday Face-Off: A Bunny Letter Opener Vs. The Chipmunk Ballerina


Welcome to a brand new weekly feature here at With Leather, the Friday Face-Off, in which we take two of the week's best random videos and pit them against each other to determine which is the champion.


The Best Of The Inaugural 2011 European Rabbit Hopping Championships


Back in May, I introduced the world of With Leather to the latest Swedish sport to win our hearts – Kaninhop.


Morning Links: Friday the 13th, Like In That One Movie


I couldn't find any images from the movie I was thinking about, so I used this picture of Ben Roethlisberger instead.


Your Weekly Dose Of Racing Awwwww


Leave it to the Swedes to not only make affordable dorm room and bachelor pad furniture, but it seems they’ve also invented the most adorable form of animal competition not called the Puppy Bowl.


An A-Z Guide To Endangered Animals And The A-Holes Who Keep Killing Them


If there’s one consistent theme among the Uproxx family, it’s that we love sodomy communism gymnastics Seltzer/Friedberg movies Glenn Beck animals.

the black Karl Pilkington

Ocho And Marvin, Under One Roof! The Dog Episode


In an effort to regain control of his team, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis decides to take the drastic step of bringing volatile wideout Chad Ocho Cinco into his home in a spirited attempt to get the two men to understand one another.

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