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Triple Crown Winning Jockey Victor Espinoza Followed Up His Victory By Racing Jimmy Fallon

After riding American Pharoah to glory in The Belmont Stakes, jockey Victor Espinoza is riding against Jimmy Fallon for bragging rights.


Massive Bike Crash Leaves Only One Rider Upright

After the leader pulls ahead at the 2010 UCI World Championships in South Africa, the rest of the pack gets caught up in a major crash that sends several riders flying through the air -- and leaves only one rider upright.


Race Car Driver Makes Incredible Recovery After 360 Spin

Ferrari 458 driver Alessandro Pier Guidi is sent spinning in front of a large group of cars and somehow manages to regain control as the pack goes whizzing by.


How Not to Finish a Race

A female runner lunges at the finish line in an attempt to win the race, and ends up bouncing into a second place finish.


The World’s Fastest Mobility Scooter

The world's fastest mobility scooter (a GSX-600F powered machine built by Garage Insanity) blows away a Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T on a closed course.


Race Car Driver’s Road Rage Leads to Him Getting Dragged Along Track

Mike Robertson learns the hard way that the middle of a race is a terrible time to have a bout of road rage.


The Shortest BMX Race Ever

This is what happens when the gate fails to drop at the start of a BMX race.


Runaway Tire Hits Unsuspecting Cameraman at German Grand Prix

When the right rear tire of Mark Webber’s car comes flying off, the crew is able to avoid it  -- but one unsuspecting cameraman isn't so lucky.


Pigeon Uses Backflip to Avoid Formula One Car

A bird has a close call with an F1 car at the Monaco Grand Prix, but deftly avoids disaster with a quick backflip.


Mini Moto Racer Gets Helmet Stuck on Opponent’s Handlebars

A biker in a mini moto race crashes, and ends up getting his helmet stuck on an opponent's handlebars.


Rally Car Crashes Through Vineyard

This absurd crash at the World Rally Championship comes with a "shocking" development at the end.


Mind-Blowing Dog Races

This is what it looks like when talented dogs race each other using strollers, scooters, and kids cars.


Gutsy Photographer Nearly Killed By Racecar

Some people will do anything for a good shot.


Jeremy Foley's Pikes Peak Crash

Jeremy Foley and his co-driver (Yuri Kouznetsov) crash their Mitsubishi Evolution 8 during the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb near Colorado Springs on Sunday.


The ‘Don’t Lay an Egg’ Dash

Apparently, ostrich races exist.

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