This Motorcycle Racer’s Bruised Butt Is A Purple Nightmare

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This superbike racers bruised butt is a NSFW reminder of the dangers that can occur when you risk your tush for extreme sports.


Watch As Chaos Ensues Following A Horrible Crash At The Dakar Rally


There was a nasty car wreck at the Dakar Rally this weekend, and we get to see what happens immediately following it.

The Crew

‘The Crew’ Is The Latest Victim Of The Fall Video Game Delay Curse


'The Crew' gets delayed, although thankfully not into next year.


Tony Stewart Hit And Killed A Fellow Driver In His Sprint┬áCar, Will Race Today

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Early reports from Canandaigua Speedway are saying Tony Stewart intentionally ran over fellow driver Kevin Ward with his car.


Pro Wrestler Goldberg Is Hosting A Goldberg-Themed NASCAR Podcast (?)

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Would you like a podcast about NASCAR? Would you like a podcast about NASCAR hosted by 1990s pro wrestler Bill Goldberg? No idea.


Take A Moment To Celebrate The Dogecoin Car, The Internet’s Contribution To The Best Sports Weekend Ever

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The Dogecoin car has raced, and the Internet's meme cryptocurrency of choice is now officially auto racing canon. Wow. Much weird.

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‘The Crew’ Has A Release Window And A New Eye-Popping In-Engine Trailer

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Get ready for a race across America, 'The Crew' arrives some time in 2014...


This Week In YouTube Commenter Outrage: Madison Rising’s Hard Rock National Anthem

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While a lot of people are calling Madison Rising's National Anthem performance in Daytona the worst ever, a lot of YouTube commenters really loved it.


Fox News Incorrectly Reported That Jimmie Johnson Won The Daytona 500 And Then Things Got Really Political

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Fox News wrongly declared Jimmie Johnson the winner of the Daytona 500, and created a massive Facebook flame war after posting an apology.


Tony Stewart Thinks Danica Patrick Should Put A Checkered Flag In Richard Petty’s Butt

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While it wouldn't really settle much, Tony Stewart suggested that Danica Patrick beat Richard Petty in a race and 'cram a checkered flag up his butt.'


Richard Petty Has A Real Hot Take On How Danica Patrick Can Win In NASCAR

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NASCAR legend Richard Petty said that the only way Danica Patrick will ever win a race is by being the only person on the track.


‘Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing’ Exists And It Is Basically What You’d Expect


A group of guys strapped on their Go Pros and tumbled down a giant hill for the sake of creating 'Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing.'


Ken Block Is Back With ‘Gymkhana Six: The Ultimate Grid Obstacle Course’


Rally car racer and all-around incredible driver Ken Block is back with 'Gymkhana Six: The Ultimate Grid Obstacle Course.'


Darrell Wallace Jr. Takes Practice Very Seriously And Will Punch You In The Face About It


NASCAR driver Darrell Wallace Jr. is in little-to-no-trouble today for repeatedly punching fellow driver Chad Frewaldt in the face following a crash.


Who’s Up For A Clip Of A Rally Car Passenger Vomiting Up Blood All Over Himself?

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A rally car passenger started throwing up, then started throwing up blood, and the entire escapade was captured on video. Uh, gross?


The GoPro Grand Prix, Now With 100% More Dudes Getting Run Over

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A pair of Will Power's pit crew members got hit by Scott Dixon's car during the GoPro Grand Prix at Sonoma. Ouch.


Race Car Driver Makes Incredible Recovery After 360 Spin


Ferrari 458 driver Alessandro Pier Guidi is sent spinning in front of a large group of cars and somehow manages to regain control as the pack goes whizzing by.


‘Man vs. Cheetah’ Pits Devin Hester & Chris Johnson Against A F**king Cheetah


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