Meet The El Paso Chihuahuas, The Newest Sports Team With A Totally-Not-Racist Name

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El Paso's minor league team is now known as the El Paso Chihuahuas, a decision that has enraged the city's Hispanic community.


Shocking, Unbelievable Report: A D*ckhead Went To Game 2 Of The ALCS

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After he grabbed a home run ball away from a woman and threw it on the field, a Red Sox fan was removed from Game 2 of the ALCS for unruly behavior.


@Storytime: Metta World Peace Destroyed A Man's Deli Because Price Tags Are Racist

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NBA star Metta World Peace told the story of the time he went to lunch, destroyed a man's deli for its racist overtones, then got into a text fight.


Fox Probably Won’t Re-Shoot The ‘Dads’ Pilot, Despite Pressure From Asian-American Groups

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Despite pressure from a prominent Asian American watchdog group, Fox won't re-shoot the controversial "Sexy Asian Schoolgirl" scene in the pilot for "Dads."


A Dartmouth Fraternity Hosted A ‘Bloods And Crips’ Party And The NAACP Is Not Pleased

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The NAACP is demanding action against a Dartmouth fraternity and sorority that co-hosted a "bloods and crips" themed party.


Paula Deen’s Racial Discrimination Charges Got Thrown Out In Court So Good Thing She Dodged That Bullet

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Paula Deen is now free to enjoy her zero endorsements and lonely spot atop Racism Mountain. Just kidding, there are plenty of people there.


Was The Shop Clerk Who Refused To Sell Oprah A $40,000 Handbag Racist Or An Idiot?

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While in Switzerland, an apparently racist shop clerk refused to sell Oprah Winfrey a $40,000 handbag.


The ‘Asian Girlz’ YouTube Defenses Are Somehow Worse Than ‘Asian Girlz’ Itself

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Leave it to you YouTube commenters to somehow be worse than the band who wrote a song titled "Asian Girlz."


The Hit New Song ‘Asian Girlz’ Is Even More Racist Than It Sounds

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Listen to Day Above Ground's "Asian Girlz," which is even more racist than "Accidental Racist."

taiwanese animation

Riley Cooper Will Jump That Fence And Fight Every [Slur For Taiwanese People] Here


If you haven't been following the Wonka-esque story of Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper threatening to "fight every n*gger" at a Kenny Chesney concert, then being extremely sorry and <a href="http://espn.go.com/nfl/trainingcamp13/story/_/id/9526303/riley-cooper-philadelphia-eagles-issues-apology-uttering-racial-slur-video" target="_blank">"extremely hurt"</a> (you know, because somebody caught it on video), here's the short version: he gon' get got.


Liverpool FC To Its Staff: ‘No Homo’

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Liverpool FC doesn't get a lot of play on With Leather unless they're <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2012/10/taiwan-animation-vs-soccer-dives-featuring-luis-suarez-watching-bambi" target="_blank">being turned into flopping scuba divers by Taiwanese animators</a> or <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2013/02/sports-on-tv-communitys-20-greatest-sports-moments" target="_blank">getting namedropped on 'Community.'</a> That said, hold on to your butts, because Liverpool FC's list of acceptable words for grown-ups is amazing.


Stephen Colbert’s Awesome Take On How Black People Can Make White People Less Scared Of Them

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Yep, I'm still <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2013/07/dave-chappelle-killin-em-softly-race" target="_blank">laughing at racism</a> with no end in sight.


Let’s All Laugh At Racism With Dave Chappelle And His Friend Chip

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"A black man will never dream of talking to the police high.


UPDATE: Aaryn And GinaMarie From ‘Big Brother’ Are Still Racist As Hell

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Aaryn and GinaMarie continue to be incredibly racist in yet another clip from the "Big Brother" live feed.


CBS Aired A Bunch Of The Racist And Derogatory Comments Made By The ‘Big Brother’ Cast

By | 47 Comments

After a week of criticism, CBS decided to air some of the racist and derogatory comments made by members of the "Big Brother" cast.


‘Big Brother’ Contestant Aaryn Gries Got Fired By Her Modeling Agency For Her Offensive Comments

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Aaryn Gries, one of the racist "Big Brother" cast members, got fired from her modeling agency after clips from the live feed showed up online.

the n word

Actual CNN Debate: 'N Word Vs. Cracker: Which Is Worse?'

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Earlier this evening, CNN anchor Don Lemon hosted a debate about the difference between the use of the "N word" and another racial term like cracker.

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