Harrison, Arkansas Continues To Be One Of The Most Racist Towns In America

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The home of White Pride Radio is running into problems trying to rehabilitate itself for some reason.


Racist Wrestling Gimmick Of The Week: The Life And Times Of Charles Wright, Part 1

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This week we take a look at Charles Wright, who managed to cram in an extra racist gimmick between "voodoo priest" and "happy pimp."


Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Is Reportedly Battling Cancer

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Donald Sterling's ban from the NBA may be short lived if this news is true.


That Cliven Bundy Guy Fox News Hails As A Hero Patriot Has Some Interesting Thoughts About Black People

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If you read this excerpt from The New York Times, you might find that everyone's heroic rancher is actually spewing some awful hate.

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California School Celebrates Black History Month By Serving Fried Chicken And Watermelon

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Carondelet High School for Girls is in hot water after serving the most racist lunch special ever.


Megyn Kelly Addresses Her Santa Controversy By Putting Away The Race Card And Pulling The Comedy Card

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Megyn Kelly took to the air Friday to respond to critics over her controversial Santa comments, and Jesus wept.


Today In Racist Soccer News: Zenit St. Petersburg Fans Issue ‘We’re Not Racist, But’ Statement

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I'm not an expert on soccer, and I'm certainly no authority on civil rights, but if I've learned one thing from being on the Internet for 15 years, it's that anything prefaced with, "I'm not racist, but," is about to get really racist.




Here's the NBA's Stephon Marbury in what has to be the first document instance of Whiteface comedy.

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