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The Dugout: Chinaman

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Today's edition of The Dugout explores the racial slurs of Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen, who referred to Daisuke Matsuzaka's interpreter as a 'chinaman.'


Yelp Users Are Expertly Pranking A Homophobic, Racist Restaurant Owner

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Gary James is a monster, so he deserves to be pranked. And then some.


Figure Skater Irina Rodnina Lit The Olympic Torch, Isn’t Afraid To Tweet Racist Pictures Of President Obama

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Irina Rodnina, the figure skater who lit the Olympic torch during the Sochi opening ceremony, is also super into tweeting racist pictures of Barack Obama.


Let’s See Who Is Trying To Ruin An Adorable Cheerios Commercial This Time

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Last time it was racists. Now it's politicians. Everyone is terrible.


Kanye West Allegedly Punched A Guy At The Chiropractor’s Office In The Least Believable Story Of 2014

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Kanye West is being investigated by the LAPD for allegedly punching the most racist and homophobic 18-year old guy on the planet.


Richie Incognito Shirtless N-Bombs Are The Most Richie Incognito Thing Of The Day

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Richie Incognito's trouble continue today as TMZ has posted a video of him shirtlessly raging in a bar, yelling the N-word. Because you're slandering him!


Don Yelton, The Racist-y GOP Official Featured On The ‘Daily Show’, Has Resigned, But He Ain’t Sorry

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This week the Daily Show made Don Yelton famous. Now he's been forced to resign his post within the Republican party, but he has no regrets.


Possibly Racist GOP Executive Committee Member On The ‘Daily Show’: ‘One Of My Best Friends Is Black’

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Last night the Daily Show ran a piece on the slew of new "anti-voter fraud" legislation being passed in the South. Meet Don Yelton, one of the men behind it.


Rap Is The Biggest Con In The History Of Music, Writes Middle-Aged White Man

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Prepare to learn why rap is the "biggest con in music history," as told to you by a middle-aged white man.

Papa John’s Driver Was Fired After Butt Dialing Customer, Leaving Racist Operatic Voicemail

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This story has EVERYTHING: Papa Johns, racism, opera, butt dials, voicemails, FLORIDA.


Is Ashton Kutcher An Idiot AND A Racist, Or Just An Idiot?

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A couple of hours ago <a href="">dimly lit</a> <a href="">human Twitter fail</a> Ashton Kutcher <a href="!/aplusk/status/197777290107686912">tweeted out a link to a fake dating video</a> in which he plays a variety of male characters seeking romance -- one of which being an Indian guy he portrays in brown face.


White Supremacists Hack Trayvon Martin's Email & Social Media Accounts In Effort To Prove He Was A Thug

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As you may have noticed, some right-wingers have been <a href="">trying desperately</a> to paint <a href="">Trayvon Martin as a hoodlum</a> so as to, I don't know, prove that he had it coming to him when he was murdered by a cartoonish version of a trigger-happy "neighborhood watch captain.

ann coulter

Donald Trump Calls For Jon Stewart To Be Fired For Making Fun Of Herman Cain


When we last checked in on human exhaust pipe Donald Trump, he was <a href="">being disemboweled by Jon Stewart </a>for taking Sarah Palin on a hot date to arguably the crappiest pizza joint in all of New York City -- and then proceeding to eat his crap pizza with a goddamn fork.


Fox News Website Gives Up On Trying To Distinguish Itself From A KKK Newsletter

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In the past few months I've grown quite adept at ignoring the <a href="">increasingly common, flagrant race-baiting</a> by certain aspects of the conservative noise machine, but I simply cannot ignore <a href="">this</a>, the top story on FoxNation.


Racist Kid With Speech Impediment Hates Marmaduke

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So this clip comes from WhitePrideTV, calling itself "The Andrew Show, a Show for White Kids.



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Jeremy Zimmer, a partner, board member, and co-owner of United Talent Agency, is an avid art collecter and apparently thought it would be a great idea to install this picture in a public space in UTA's offices.

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