Yelawolf Releases “Let’s Roll” Video Featuring Kid Rock, DJ Kool Herc

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The video for <a href="">Yelawolf's</a> thumping first single, "Let's Roll," encompasses everything listeners need to know about the 'Bama MC.


“Made In The U.S.A” – Review Of Yelawolf’s Radioactive

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There’s a sort of Norman Rockwell quality to <a href="">Yelawolf</a>.


Salute To Slumerican!

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Thank you and much respect due to 'Wolf, J.


Yelawolf Feat. Eminem & Gangsta Boo – “Throw It Up” (Prod. By Will Power)

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Upon reading the listed artists, <a href="">Yelawolf's</a> "Throw It Up" may seem like the oddest pairing on a rap record but it's actually not.


Yelawolf Feat. T.I. & Slaughterhouse – “Hard White (Remix)”

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I have an idea: from now on, every single from Shady Records rappers should come with a 2.


Yelawolf Feat. Kid Rock – “Let’s Roll”

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If you thought <a href="">Yela's</a> first single with Lil Jon was a tad too crunk to properly set the tone for what could be the most productive career for a white rapper since Eminem, "Let's Roll" may be a more marketable road to the promise land.


First Look: Yelawolf’s “Radioactive” Album Cover

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Eminem's already declared <a href="">Yelawolf's</a> album <a href="">"incredible"</a> but now we get to see what incredible looks like with the unveiling of the cover.

Young Struggle

PoV: Yelawolf In The Studio

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Really cool snapshots of <a href="">Yelawolf</a> in the lab mixing up the medicine and laying a verse for his Slumerican breddren <a href="">Young Strugg</a>.


Yelawolf Feat. Lil Jon – “Hard White (Up In The Club)” Video

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Not anyone can just go and hang with <a href="">YelaWolf</a>.


Video: Yelawolf – “No Hands” (Warped Tour Edition)

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Life on the road can be very dentrimental to some, but when you're glowing with that highly hazardous antimatter known as talent, it just adds fuel to your toxicity.


Yelawolf – “No Hands” Video

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Shady Aftermath's golden boy <a href="">Yelawolf</a> partners with French gaming outfit Ubisoft for a video for the tune "No Hands.


Yelawolf Feat. Lil Jon – “Hard White (Up In The Club)”

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Shame on me for forgetting the energy <a href="">Lil Jon</a> brought to Hip-Hop in the mid-2000's.


A YelaWolf In London: Watch Yela’s First UK Performance, Announces New “Radioactive” Album

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Since you can't pass through the UK with doing an interview with <a href="">The HHC's Sumit</a>, Yelawolf speaks on his new album Radioactive and how the material was recorded in a two week span.

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