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Rafael Nadal Will Not Play In The U.S. Open

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Sorry ladies, Rafael Nadal will not be topless at this year's U.S. Open.


Celebrate 20 Years Of ‘This Is SportsCenter’ With The Campaign’s Funniest Commercials

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'This is SportsCenter' was created 20 years ago to bring ESPN's top show into the mainstream, and it's as relevant and funny as ever.


There Were So, So, SO Many Stars At The U.S. Open This Weekend

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From Justin Timberlake to Sean Connery, the celebrities were out in full force to watch Rafael Nadal defeat Novak Djokovic at the U.S. Open.


Kate Upton Was The Star Of The U.S. Open

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If you’re anything like me, you were completely oblivious to this weekend’s U.


Ermahgerd: The 12 Most Ridiculous Faces Of Wimbledon So Far

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While there's tons of drama on the court, nothing is as good as all the "Ermahgerd, I'm concentrating so hard on the ball so hard right now" faces. Everyone from Andy Murray to Rafael Nadal is a walking meme.


6.29 The Cooler

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Erica Mena Snoop Dogg Busted In Norway With Marijuana, Cash [Yahoo] No Bath Salts Found In Miami Face-Eater's System [HHW] 24-Year-Old Mom Delivers Baby Herself On New York City Subway [News One] 10 Things That Chief Keef Clearly "Don't Like" [Broken Cool] Diana Ross Refuses [...].


LeBron, Tiger Woods Place High On Depressing Forbes Celebrity Power List

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Forbes magazine today released their annual The World's Most Powerful Celebrities, a top 100 list that ranks stars based on press coverage, social media buzz and whose agents paid Forbes the most money to put them on a list.


Capybaras That Look Like Rafael Nadal Is Our New Favorite Tumblr

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On July 14, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are going to play a charity exhibition match at Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeau Stadium, as they’ll attempt to break the all-time record for attendance at a tennis match while raising money for the Real Madrid and Rafael Nadal Foundations.


Federer? Nadal? Give It Up For The Ball Boy


ESPN put up a piece this morning analyzing Rafael Nadal's Australian Open semifinals win over Roger Federer, attributing Federer's 6-7 (5), 6-2, 7-6 (5), 6-4 loss to everything from inability to consolidate break lead to being bored because the fireworks went on too long.


We Get It Already, Rafael Nadal Is Really Good At Sports

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We already knew that Rafael Nadal is one of the greatest professional tennis players of all time.


Rafael Nadal Is Making Us Look Bad

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Armani released its newest men’s underwear ad this week and it features men’s tennis superstar Rafael Nadal in just his jeans and manties, as he shows off his abs and whatever else it is that he thinks he should be proud of.


Federer, Nadal Play Tennis Like Jesus

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Over the weekend, the world’s top-ranked tennis player and Tiger Beat Man of the Year, Rafael Nadal, defeated his bitter rival Roger Federer to win the Mubadala World Tennis Championship exhibition, marking the beginning of the 2011 ATP season and the end of days for football.


Nadal Wins Wimbelton, Federer Falling


While you were getting hammered, indulging in delicious barbecue, and doing other American things, the Wimbledon final was getting played out across the pond.



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I swear to God this is my last tennis post of the day, but it's a good one.



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The Super Bowl blotted out all other sporting events this weekend, and that's too bad*, because there was some outstanding action in other arenas.



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I wasn't planning on writing an update on the scorching Australian Open today, then I saw Rafael Nadal's Rambo face, and, well, I had to share.

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