Start Your Day Right With This Orchestra’s Cover Of Rage Against The Machine

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It's 'Killing in the Name' like you've never heard it, and there might be plenty more where this one came from.

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Seattle Restaurant: Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello Is A ‘Prick’ For Expecting Special Treatment

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Tom Morello is none too pleased that his request for rock star treatment was denied at a very popular restaurant in Seattle.


Behold, The 6 Weirdest Host/Musical Guest Combinations In ‘SNL’ History

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Some 'SNL host/musical guest combos make perfect sense. Then, there's these...


Tom Morello Thinks The Cubs Suck And Would Like To Play Shortstop

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Chicago Cubs fan Tom Morello could care less about the team's relationship with Sammy Sosa, because they are at 106 years and counting.

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‘Lazy’ Guy Just Remembered The Near-Perfect Recording Of Rage Against The Machine He Made 21 Years Ago

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A YouTube user named “CowProd” recently remembered that he had recorded a Rage Against the Machine Show at Zed's Records in Long Beach, California back in 1992 and he finally uploaded it to YouTube this week.

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8.22 The Cooler

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Viantha Foxx The RIAA Appears To Be Dying [Digital Trends] ‘Sparkle’ Has $12 Million Opening Weekend [C+D] Cash Money' Ronald "Slim" Williams Buys Largest House In South Florida [Hip-Hop Wired] Nike Air Penny 5 “Invisibility Cloak” New Images [TSG] Autopsy Shows Man Shot Himself While [...].

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Paul Ryan's Favorite Band, Rage Against The Machine, Calls Him 'The Machine Our Music Rages Against'

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In a Rolling Stone opinion piece, Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello calls Congressman Paul Ryan "the embodiment of the machine our music rages against."



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Every year for the previous four years, the #1 single in Britain during the week of Christmas has been whoever won Simon Cowell's "X Factor.

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Rocking On

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I never questioned my decision to skip out on copping a few pairs of the Fire Red III's as I scrapped together the cash to scoop three tickets to see a re-united Rage Against The Machine at the 2007 Rock The Bells (my two homeboys weren’t exactly willing to pay $130 a pop to see a rock band and I didn’t want to brave my first festival alone).

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