Watch Rainn Wilson Look For Lesbians In A Shed In The ‘Backstrom’ Trailer

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Rainn Wilson plays a masterful detective and a world class jerk in this trailer for his upcoming mid-season FOX drama, 'Backstrom.'


Rainn Wilson Drops Popular Vine Star From New Comedy Series

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Rainn Wilson has announced that Vine star Curtis Lepore will not be a part of his upcoming comedy series 'Hollywood and Vine.'

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Here Are The Ten Best Pranks Jim Halpert Pulled On Dwight Schrute, Ranked

By | 24 Comments

From the subtle beginnings, to later more elaborate endeavors. Like the time he framed Dwight for murder.


Wendell Pierce And Rainn Wilson Have Been Engaging In Some Wonderful Saints Vs. Seahawks Twitter Trashtalk

By | 6 Comments

The Saints and Seahawks square off tomorrow. Saints fan Wendell Pierce and Seahawks fan Rainn Wilson have already started running smack.


Which Of These 5 New Shows Will You Watch?

By | 55 Comments

New shows from 'The Office' alums, Denis Leary, and the Wachowski siblings.


20 GIFs You’ll Need To Get Through Tonight’s Emotional ‘The Office’ Series Finale

By | 39 Comments

Going through a wide range emotions for tonight's "The Office" series finale, with GIFs.


Rainn Wilson Tears Up In This Farewell Video From The Cast Of ‘The Office’

By | 19 Comments

Several of the cast members -- Jenna Fischer, Rainn Wilson, and John Krasinski -- say goodbye to the fans of 'The Office,' after nine seasons.


10 Things About ‘The Office’ You May Not Have Known

By | 30 Comments

Over on <a href="">TV Guide today</a>, they sat down with the producers and cast of NBC's The Office, which will end its nine-season run next Thursday, and talked about the origins of the show, and what could've been.


Adam Scott And 11 Other Actors Who Originally Auditioned For The Cast Of ‘The Office’

By | 22 Comments

Adam Scott tried out for the role of Jim Halpert, later made famous by John Krasinski.


Rainn Wilson Lands Post-‘Office’ Gig In CBS Drama (And The Morning Links)

By | 3 Comments

"The Office" star Rainn Wilson snagged the lead role in a CBS drama, and the rest of the Morning Links.


Rainn Wilson Reveals What The Final ‘Office’ Episodes Will Look Like

By | 20 Comments

There aren't many episodes of "The Office" left, so it's time for the documentary crew to get involved.


Rainn Wilson's 'The Office' Spin-Off 'Schrute Farms' Is Dead

By | 30 Comments

NBC has passed on 'Schrute Farms.' What does this mean for the future of the network?


The Best Of Rainn Wilson’s Reddit Ask Me Anything


"Dwight Schrute" answers question about NBC, the state of The Office," and what having sex with Ellen Page was like.


Rainn Wilson Has Issues With Your Facebook Status, Will Not Hesitate To Schrute Fact It


The video above is one of Rainn Wilson going through inspirational quotes real people posted as their Facebook status updates and applying the Schrute Facts treatment to them. It's kind of great, actually, especially if you, like me, tend to loathe Facebook.


Your Facebook is False


Rainn Wilson brings your inspirational Facebook quotes to life, before killing them.


20 Reminders Of Why We Fell In Love With 'The Office'

By | 33 Comments

NBC's "The Office" is going off the air after its ninth season, so it's time to look back and remember why it's an all-time great show.


Dwight Schrute Destroys The Rim, Invites Blake Griffin Into His Van


Blake Griffin has a torn meniscus and a strong desire to be <a href="" target="_blank">everyone's favorite, post-Shaq "funny athlete"</a>, so he's got a lot of free time to show up on YouTube chat shows and joke about being home schooled.


Rainn Wilson Lures Blake Griffin Into His Van


Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers joins Rainn Wilson in the back of his van to talk about the Olympics, basketball, knee surgery, and life's big questions.


2005 Sports News: Dwight Schrute Gets Kings Tickets In A Jell-O Mold

By | 5 Comments

Actor Rainn Wilson wanted tickets to Game 4 of the Western Conference Final between the Los Angeles Kings and the Phoenix Coyotes, so the wacky <a href="!/lakings" target="_blank">Kings Twitter team</a> -- the same team who helped build Stanley Cup sandcastles and just trolled Marlon Wayans (Marlon Wayans.

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