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Free Agency

Thank Goodness, More Randy Moss In Our Lives

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After taking a year off because none of the teams that he wanted to play for wanted to sign him, 35-year old wide receiver Randy Moss is back in the NFL thanks to a 1-year contract he signed with the San Francisco 49ers yesterday.


How To Say ‘Straight Cash Homey’ In Taiwanese


Taiwan's Next Media Animation has been in a bit of a slump lately, but they've followed up their disappointing, wordless <a href="" target="_blank">Austin Powers-esque recap of Kate Upton's Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">incessant videos of Jeremy Lin on fire</a> with this masterful retelling of Randy Moss's 35th birthday and the UStreamed intentions to return to the NFL that followed.


Randy Moss Has Retired Like Brett Favre

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Former Tennessee Titans wide receiver Randy Moss announced via his agent yesterday that after 13 seasons he has retired from the NFL.


Coach a Kid Running Like Randy Moss


Below is a video of Randy Moss talking to incarcerated kids at the West Virginia Industrial Home for Youth.


Class Dismissed: Brad Childress Fired

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After watching his team <a href="">collapse</a> against division rival Green Bay at home yesterday, Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress <a href="">has been dismissed</a> from that position according to FOX Sports' NFL Insider and MMA Trainer To The Stars Jay Glazer.


Randy Moss Missed History By That Much…

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Just had an odd realization: If <a href="">Randy Moss</a> would have <a href="">gone to Miami</a> over waivers last week, as so many had expected, he could have been the first player in NFL history to play 17 games in a regular season.


Randy Moss To Tennessee


Adam Schefter <a href="">just confirmed</a> that the Tennessee Titans have "won" the Randy Moss sweepstakes.


Blackface On ESPN: We’ve Seen It All Now

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I have to tip the proverbial hat to <a href="">NGNG Sports</a> for this screencap of DJ Steve Porter--auteur of the Randy Moss "One Clap" mashup of the volatile wideout's press conferences.


Randy Moss Complained About Food He Didn’t Pay For

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To follow-up on <a href="">yesterday's post of Randy Moss' dismissal</a> from the Minnesota Vikings: yes, Moss was cut, and no, not everyone on the team is that bent out of shape about it.

New England Patriots

Randy Moss Blanked, But Don't Stick A Fork In Him

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Tom Brady led his Patriots to victory for the 100th time in the regular season last night as the Patriots <a href=";_ylt=AuVRYTgQfSxeyo9.VCAzef4isLYF?gid=20101004015">routed</a> the Miami Dolphins, scoring on their AFC East rival in almost every conceivable way.

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