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Remembering The Time Randy Moss Fake-Mooned The Crowd At Lambeau Field And How Joe Buck Lost His Mind


Remember when Joe Buck lost his mind after Randy Moss pretended to moon Packers fans?

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Please Enjoy This Wonderful Impression Of Dennis Green By Randy Moss

Randy Moss does a better Dennis Green than Dennis Green himself. Here's video.


Straight Cash, Homie: Randy Moss Reportedly Joining Fox Sports As Analyst


At his best, Randy Moss was one of the most exciting athletes on the planet.

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CC Sabathia & 5 Athletes Who Took Jordan Brand Beyond Basketball

The lion's share of Team Jordan athletes are, of course, basketball players.


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Brianna Loyd New York Times Blasts Lolo Jones [Elev8] Crackpot’s Guide To How The Illuminati Infiltrated Television [Warming Glow] The Mirrored NFL Paths Of Randy Moss And Terrell Owens [The Sports Fan Journal] 10 Sporting Events That Would Be In The Hip-Hop Olympics [HHW] The [...].


Paying Homage To Minnesota’s Twin Towers


Photo: Grand Archives One transcendent athlete in a city is hard enough to come by.


Thank Goodness, More Randy Moss In Our Lives


After taking a year off because none of the teams that he wanted to play for wanted to sign him, 35-year old wide receiver Randy Moss is back in the NFL thanks to a 1-year contract he signed with the San Francisco 49ers yesterday.


Randy Moss Inks One-Year Deal With San Francisco 49ers


While the world awaits for one future Hall of Famer to decide on his new team, Randy Moss saw all he needed in San Francisco by signing a one year deal with the 49ers.


How To Say ‘Straight Cash Homey’ In Taiwanese

Taiwan's Next Media Animation has been in a bit of a slump lately, but they've followed up their disappointing, wordless Austin Powers-esque recap of Kate Upton's Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover and incessant videos of Jeremy Lin on fire with this masterful retelling of Randy Moss's 35th birthday and the UStreamed intentions to return to the NFL that followed.


All Randy Moss Wants Is One More Shot At A Super Bowl


Where it appears an Allen Iverson comeback may have just wasted its last life line, the return of one Randy Moss may be upon us.


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Mizz Charlie The First Website Ever Celebrates Its 20th Birthday [Time] How To Navigate The Walk Of Shame [Every Guyed] World’s Richest Man Carlos Slim Loses $8 Billion [Bloomberg] JaMarcus Russell Will Return To LSU In The Fall To Take Some Classes [Deadspin] Big Spring, [...].


Randy Moss Calls It Quits, Retires After 13 Seasons


For 13 years, I have been an incurable football addict.


Randy Moss Has Retired Like Brett Favre


Former Tennessee Titans wide receiver Randy Moss announced via his agent yesterday that after 13 seasons he has retired from the NFL.


Coach a Kid Running Like Randy Moss

Below is a video of Randy Moss talking to incarcerated kids at the West Virginia Industrial Home for Youth.


Class Dismissed: Brad Childress Fired


After watching his team collapse against division rival Green Bay at home yesterday, Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress has been dismissed from that position according to FOX Sports' NFL Insider and MMA Trainer To The Stars Jay Glazer.


Your NFL Recap: Week 10


We can champion the NFL for its parity all day long, but someone has to go to the playoffs at the end of the day. The cream will begin to rise to the top, the minute hand will tick faster towards midnight for Cinderellas & some teams will have to relish playing the spoiler & fighting for roster spots. Yet, on a week where things should begin to sort themselves out, many questions arose as opposed to answers. How valuable is Santonio Holmes to the Jets? After missing the first 4 games of the season and enduring a near-scoreless five quarters, the former Buckeye snagged a 37-yard reception from Mark Sanchez to neutralize the Cleveland Browns entire game in the blink of an eye. There's nothing worse than having the "W" slip through your fingers at the last second but for the Browns, it's just another day at the office. The Patriots kept pace with the Jets behind Tom Brady's 350-yard, three touchdown performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The Steelers may have made the score respectable in the fourth quarter, but their vaunted defense had no answer as the Patriots marched up and down the field virtually at will all game. All week long, the talking heads at Bristol pegged the Giants as a Super Bowl sleeper team and possibly the best team in the NFC. All of that was before they ran into a rejuvenated Cowboys team hellbent on making sure Jason Garrett won his NFL debut. Where this effort was the past few weeks is anyone's guess, Jon Kitna had his best outing in years tallying 327 yards with three touchdowns and a QB rating of 124. Dez Bryant didn't look too shabby either. The Giants brand new stadium had some technical difficulties and the squad lost a valuable chance to gain some separation from the Eagles & Redskins, who face off tonight.

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