This Reenactment Of A Woman’s Pissy Bath & Body Works Rant Is Simply Perfect

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Three actresses turned a six minute rant about Bath & Body Works into a thing of beauty.


Never Go To The Post Office, Ever

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We went to the Post Office today. That was a terrible idea.

#Jack White

Jack White Went After The Foo Fighters In A ‘Kanye West-Esque Rant’

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"Because apparently, nowadays, you aren't allowed to speak to your own fans about anything, lest it be a rant."

#Robin Williams

Henry Rollins Wrote A Confusing Rant About Robin Williams, Depression And Suicide

By | 53 Comments

The generally outspoken Henry Rollins wrote a blog about Robin Williams, depression and suicide that makes very little sense.


‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s 2013 Defense Of Same Sex Marriage Is Intense

By | 41 Comments

WWE legend 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's podcast rant about same sex marriage from last July is making the rounds again, because it's great.


Jesse Eisenberg? As Lex Luthor? Is Warner Bros. Trolling Us?

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Jesse Eisenberg is Lex Luthor, apparently. And that might not be good news for 'Batman Vs. Superman.'


SIU Head Coach Barry Hinson Loses His Mind Talking Mama’s Boys, Puppies & SEAL Team 6 In Postgame Presser

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Barry Hinson does not enjoy SIU losing basketball games. Here he is talking house training, snipers, penis jokes and more in an amazing anti-SIU rant.


A New York Knicks Fan Came Down From The Mountaintop With The Ultimate Knicks Fan Rant

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The New York Knicks have problems, but one frustrated, passionate man knows the reasons for everything.


‘The Sound Of Music’ Is Terrible. Here’s Why.

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NBC will air a live remake of 'The Sound Of Music' tonight, with Carrie Underwood starring. You should only watch it if you aspire to hate yourself.


On Richie Incognito And Understanding The Humiliation Of Miami Dolphins Fans

By | 70 Comments

As the Miami Dolphins are embarrassed by this Richie Incognito, here's a fan perspective on what it's like to deal with chaos season after season.

that shit cray

Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Go To IKEA’s ‘Crayfish Party’

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You may have been recently invited to a "crayfish party" at IKEA. Do not even think about going to this.


Thanks For Nothing CNN, MSNBC & Fox News

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Wendy Davis' filibuster last night were the talk of the internet. But you know where it was absolutely nowhere to be found? Anywhere on cable news!


Leave Charles Ramsey Alone

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Charles Ramsey has a criminal record. So what?!

shut up media

Maybe We Should All Just Tune Completely Out Whenever Events Like The Boston Bombing Happen

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CNN really crapped the bed with its reporting on the Boston bombing today. They were not alone. Somebody make it stop.


Is The Manti Te’o Hoax Really The Worst Fake Internet Girlfriend Story Of All-Time?

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I thought we all had a pretty great conversation about the Manti Te’o story yesterday – except the one or two commenters who sassed me – so I wanted to bring up two fun little updates to the story because they jumped out of my monitors this morning and smacked me in the balls.

sticking it to the man

Chinese Censor Lays Out Exactly What's Going On In Chinese Social Media


Heavy-handed censorship begets more heavy-handed censorship in China... and one censor has had enough.


Dear NBC: It Is Okay If You Cancel ‘Community’

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If our only options are NBC canceling "Community" or them screwing with its formula to keep it on the air, maybe the former isn't all that bad.

the future is here so make it happen

Samsung’s Android Camera Shows What’s Wrong With How Companies Use Android

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Android is a building block of the future and all major tech companies are doing is bolting better lenses to their cell phones.


Mike Francesa Erupts


WFAN radio personality Mike Francesa has had plenty of explosive moments on the air, but his rant about the flailing Mets during today's edition of The Mike Francesa Show might be his craziest yet.

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